I used to look at my big boobs and curse myself. They are ugly and sag to my navel. The knocked-knees on my skinny legs, My flat buttocks which looks inappropriate with my big boobs make me look like a letter P. And oh my tummy, every woman’s nightmare, the folds of my stomach which announce themselves defiantly anytime I wear a fitted top. And you wonder why I wear baggy clothes? Why my hair is always in braids because my friends just don’t understand why it is too thick and too anyhow. I think I am genetically cursed because people say I’m too tall for a girl because my height isn’t sexy or like the types people who scout for models look out for. I was also told finding a taller man will be hard for me so I need to pray harder.

I wonder why it’s hard for me to have sex. The men I have been with don’t seem to mind their flaws – they are not scared to walk around with their shrunken balls, webbed feet, curved penis and hairy buttocks but I am scared they could see mine. So I refuse to take off my bra, make sure the light is always turned off and dash off to the bathroom first thing the next morning to apply a thin coat of lipgloss and powder.

I couldn’t help but wonder for a long time why this is so. What makes we humans think that some certain parts of our physique which are not conventional like everyone else’s are not beautiful enough? Why do we let conventions guide our judgment and make people who don’t fall in this conventional lines feel inferior? People like me. Why should we let images of perfect bodies make us feel that our bodies are not beautiful in their own right?

I am not playing the pot here but I’ve seen breasts that were not perfect, you know – not round or perky – and I’ve been forced to term those breasts as ugly, simply
because I’ve seen images of perfect breasts in magazines, social media and the television.

It’s sad enough that majority of the human race have self-esteem issues yet salt is added to our burning injury, we are judged again for
having low self-esteem. What exactly does society want from us!

So the point is if we are going to be judged for having imperfect bodies and still be judged for having self-esteem issues over these
imperfect bodies. We might as well defy all odds to love our bodies and every thing about us that is deemed imperfect.

Let’s love that tummy bulge, love the saggy boobs, love the big boobs, love the small boobs, love the flat ass, love the skinny legs, love the knocked-knees, love the nappy hair! Just love them and
love you. It’s going to be hard and tough, I know, but it won’t hurt us to try.

Confidence is sexy. If you are confident despite your flaws, trust me, others
will love these flaws and even aspire to be like you. You will see there’s so much awesomeness that comes with loving yourself.

Love and do you, beautiful girl. Love your thick, skinny fat body baby girl. Do
not give a care in the world about how your body looks. Just be happy and perfectly flawed because your FLAWlessly beautiful!

N.B: Despite the fact that this article preaches self-love, I don’t know what it feels like to have the ‘flaws’ that some people have and because of this, I think that people should be allowed to ‘correct’ their flaws- if that’s what ignites their confidence and self-love- without being judged for doing so.


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  1. AvatarTunesky

    I know a person that loves Rihanna, not because of her music but her forehead 😀… Forehead gangs… Self-love is a bae


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