I first came across the expression ‘prostitude’, yes you read right, prostitude on Ify Asia Chimemeziem’s Facebook page. I learnt the meaning when I read through the post, you see the prostitude in summary, is a woman who wears trouser, drinks alcohol and does anything that is rarely done by someone of her own sex. Even though Ify sounded funny and made the post look lighthearted through the use of rotten English and relaxed expression, I got the message.

Recently, I saw on SDK the ruckus between a Malaysian based Nigerian man whose fiancée used her Facebook page to break the news of the end of her engagement to him. She also lectured ladies on the reasons why it is not advisable to marry someone you barely know. The Malaysian man obviously insulted went on his Facebook wall and in his defense wrote about how ungrateful the lady is and stated the main reason why he left her is because she is a PROSTITUDE! Prostitude, Prostitude Prostitude was scattered throughout his post that there is barely a sentence he wouldn’t complete with the word prostitude!

If you are still confused about what I am trying to say, let me give you my own simple definition of the word prostitude before I proceed. A prostitude is simply an expression used by a barely literate Nigerian man who just got scorned by a lady; the lady could be someone who he was interested in, is interested in but couldn’t get involved with. It can also be used by anybody else when they are envious or threatened by a successful woman.

It is amusing that this expression is not far from the mouth of the average Nigerian man.

‘Skkk, Skkk, aunty good afternoon o’
(Lady ignores him and walks on)
‘Oloshi, stupid mad prostitude, see her yansh, she is not even fine.’

It is appalling to see guys use the word whenever they are pained and want to get back at the opposite sex. They often think using this kind of derogatory word will not only wound the pride of the lady but make her feel less of who she really is. Sexual slander, is the easiest way to get through to a woman’s feeling in our society. This is why the word ‘bitch’ usually get used in conjunction with the word prostitude.

A BV on SDK asked a rhetorical question in the comments which goes thus ‘which Nigerian woman over 14 has never been called a prostitude?’ and the answers were ‘none’ ‘no one o’.

Even I, I have been called a prostitude. Prostitude because I said NO, because I deemed it fit to interfere in conversations that are termed ‘unladylike’ because I refused to be silent, I’d rather shout and be aggressive when slighted ‘only prostitudes do that, you have no shame and prostitudes have no shame too, why are you so loud?’ I get told, because I don’t mince words or use unnecessary oxymoron when in discussion but I’d rather call a dick a dick and not ‘the male organ’ I become a prostitude. Prostitude when I wore trousers to my friend’s house because her dad doesn’t like ladies who wear trousers but skirts, even if it is hot micro micro mini. In as much as it is skirt, they are good to go and are not prostitudes!

Prostitude prostitude prostitude, prostitude!

They call a woman prostitude because she left her cheating husband

‘Why wasn’t she patient? Haha, these modern day women and divorce sef. It is obvious she has a lover somewhere’

Prostitude because she remarried

‘She can’t even face her children, she had to remarry, prostitude!’

Prostitude because she and her boyfriend were dating, broke up and he went out to tell the world what THEY did while they were together.

Prostitude because she wasn’t moping around when he left her.

‘Why will she cry when she is sleeping ‘arand.’

Prostitude because she wears what she likes and didn’t disturb you in any way.

‘See the way her breast is in her cloth? Prostitude!’

Prostitude because she got raped!

‘That prostitude girl went to his house and got raped. She asked for it’

Prostitude because she is at the peak of her career!

‘She obviously slept with the boss, corporate prostitude!’

Prostitude because she is wealthy!

‘Sugar daddy things, small prostitude’

Prostitude because she just got a new car!

‘They have gotten her a new car that they would be sleeping with her in. Mobile prostitude’

Prostitude because she doesn’t look serious but passes her exams excellently. Tell me should she decorate her hair with textbooks and use ink to draw her brows before you know she is studious? Prostitude because she is not married yet!

Prostitude because someone somewhere thinks he or she is the custodian of what is ‘prostituditic’ and not ‘prostituditic.’.

Prostitude because that is their best attempt at making us feel cheap but it is still weak!

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