Before I write further, I personally think adults are free to do whatever it is they want without being judged by anybody. It is your body, your life. And you are solely responsible for yourself, ait? Good.

I have watched movies, read books, magazines articles about One Night Stands, why it is fun, the dangers, risks and what not.

Some are against one night stand, some are totally for one night stand.

Well, what is one night stand? One night stand is a sexual romp that takes place between two or more people who could no longer hold the sexual current seeping from their body, it usually takes place at night and for ONE night, hence the term one night stand. It can also be defined as a non commitment sexual activity whereby the two parties both decide just decided have sex just for the fun of it.

Why do people have one night stands? Well, there are times people going through a breakup need to get some things off their mind, some that partake in one night stand may be depressed and resort to sex as a form of rescue after having one too many drinks.

Some engage in one night stands because they do not believe in a relationship, they do not want to be tied down to one person, it could be due to the fear of getting their heart broken or the fact they just do not believe in that crazy, stupid thing called Love.

One night stands may occur due to sexual curiosity and unavailability of someone close enough to explore with, some people have sexual fantasies they can not live out with their partner, they do all what they are unable to do with a total stranger and revel in the fact that, no strings are attached and their secrets are safe.

What is better than a guiltless sex where no woman will turn up on your doorstep months after with a baby. Where no man will feel entitled to everything that has to do with your sexual life just because you both had sex.

One Night Stand is an adventure the feeble-minded can not embark on, it takes courage to lay with a random stranger, which is why people often get drunk in other to engage in a One Night Stand.

However, as fun-filled and exciting One Night Stand is, it is a reckless sexual activity that can eventually forment trouble for the participants if some necessary precautions are not taken. Adequate protection should not be overlooked to prevent Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Infections.

Moreover, the idea of having sex and pretending nothing happened (which is often the reason people have One Night Stand) is like running away from a reality.

One Night Stand or no One Night Stand all depends on the people who are concerned, it is a matter of choice. After all everyone is free to do whatever it is they want.

What are your thoughts on One Night Stand? Do you see yourself having a One Night Fling in future?.



  1. AvatarTunesky

    I have had one before and it was fun… If I didn’t do it that night, I wouldn’t have forgiven myself coz it was an opportunity.

  2. AvatarFrancis

    My tots on one night stand is dat it is happening ryt now sumwia nd it will lead to pregnancy dey dnt knw😂😂😂


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