End time naval husband just proved majority of Nigerian men are self-centered and egoistic.

Who else has read about the Naval officer who got his wife arrested after infecting her with HIV? If you haven’t let me give you a quick summary. According to naij.com, the naval officer identified as one Mr Kazeem got his wife arrested after she went to his house to park her things when he threw her out. The reason he threw her out was because she discovered he was positive and had been on antiretroviral for a long time and he said ‘he’d kill her before HIV kills him.’

I seethed as I read through the disgusting, sad and annoying story. This succinctly shows how selfish, self-centered, egoistic, wicked, shameless and useless some men can be. It shows how some men would rather use force to turn the tables to favour them instead of standing up LIKE REAL MEN and admitting they were wrong.

From the story, it is obvious he could have been HIV positive before he met her. He never told her this but rather married her, copulated with her and definitely without protection, infected her deliberately and went berserk when she discovered he was positive. Deliberate infection is a criminal act, the Mr Kazeem doesn’t want to suffer jail term or stigmatization and he went about it using the forceful way known to men whose brains are filled with cotton candy. I put it to Mr Kazeem that he is a criminal.

Charge sheet

Also, he asked her to leave his house with threats that he’d destroy her if she ever tells anybody. I put it to Mr Kazeem that he is nothing but a spineless being who is too scared to admit his mistakes and face his fears. I put it to him that he is nothing but an inconsiderate, stubborn, wicked, callous bastard who only cares about himself and his stupid reputation which is in the gutters already.

Charge sheet

He got her arrested for four days for “housebreaking” and “stealing” after she went to get her personal stuff. Like how wicked can the Mr Kazeem be? After turning the woman’s life around positively in an ironic sense. You still went ahead to get her charged to court for stealing and housebreaking? This is when we praise God and call him an awesome God. He decided to use force and his ‘force’ to stifle his wife’s voice and turn the tables against her not knowing what lies ahead is more than what he could handle. He was using antiretrovirals while his wife is walking around with viruses in her body, imagine if she falls sick and it was discovered she has HIV, he would feign ignorance and accuse his wife of infidelity. I put it to him that he is a manipulative man who lacks conscience and right thinking brain and isn’t fit to be among humans because he is dangerous!

If the situation was different and it was his wife who infected him. He’d have done worse, maybe he’d have killed her and tell everyone she hit her head against something and died. Mr Kareem is a good example of how dangerously selfish men in our society can be.

I can only hope his wife gets the justice she deserves. Thumbs up to the Woman Arise for Change president, Dr. Joe Okei-Odumakin and human rights lawyer Mr Inibehe Effiong for striving to seek justice for the poor woman.

Who else thinks Mr Kazeem ought to be the one charged to court for what he did?



  1. AvatarT.piano

    Point of correction…. Some Nigerian men not majority of Nigerian men… Don’t “kowapo” just like that… As for the man I don’t know what say but I think he’s not worthy to be in the midst of people

      1. AvatarTh3_paradox

        Thats a very biased analysis if u use d term majority..cz it indirectly means u knw majority of Nigeria men

        1. KanzahKanzah Post author

          There are times a few represent the rest. I may be biased according to you but that doesn’t change the fact about the majority of Nigerian men.

  2. AvatarTunesky

    It’s not actually about gender but personality. I can’t say because I have seen some women cheating on their husbands and I would reach a conclusion that majority of women are cheaters. No!… You can only reach a conclusion based on your thorough analysis.
    Concerning Mr Kazeem, he is actually a disgrace to humanity not to only men. That’s why one has to look very well before you leap…. Marriage bla bla bla no be moin moin.

    1. KanzahKanzah Post author

      Even if it was a woman in this case, she’d still be the one that’d get shamed and I repeat. Majority of Nigerian men are self-centered and egoistic because the ones that aren’t are deemed weak. So the few good ones hide their faces.

  3. Avatarphilomena

    last week my friend told me that the devil was releasing some demons from the deepest part of hell into the world to be his ambassador, but i never believed her but now this story is making me think twice. Haba now, how can a man be so heartless to his own wife fah, he must really be one of those demons. he sure deserves to be jailed .


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