If you are conversant with my blog posts, you might have come across the name Dunmade once or twice. Dunmade happens to be the name of my lecturer, one of the best lecturer I ever had, in fact the best lecturer I ever had, you know those kind of people you have just one encounter with but you keep on thinking about what they tell you for weeks? That’s the kind of person Dunmade is. Yes, Dunmade, because I think that is more intimate, he is no longer my lecturer but a special kind of person, not close enough to be a mentor and/but still not far away for him to be inaccessible.

I first knew him in 200lvl during Renaissance Period class, I attended the class with a plain mind – go to class, learn, study for exams and pass – however I was wrong, I ended up looking forward to Renaissance period class even though my back hurts due to the absence of a back rest on the chairs we always sat on. His course was the first exam I wrote in a literature course that I had no mixed feelings about, the questions were the first questions I encounter in literature class that didn’t shake my guts and turn my innards over. I saw more of him in 300 and 400 and it has been one heck of a journey.

Get you a woman who studies literature.

I and my course mates went to his house on sunday to pay a courtesy visit because he wanted to see us. I had made up my mind the moment I heard about the visit that nothing will stop me from visiting. We got to his house and I wasn’t surprised when I saw him looking at us from where he stood beside his gate. We all smiled shyly as we greeted him and his dog interrupted the greeting by barking aggressively at us. After some minutes of unnecessary chatter outside, selfies and survey of Dunmade’s compound, we went in.

I saw his sitting room and I also wasn’t surprised, books, newspapers, articles, scribbles on papers with red pen, simple furniture, simple decor, everything was just simple and accommodating.

We all settled down, exchanged pleasantries, got served refreshments threw banters and then it all began. He started with how he has always met informally with his students at the end of their program, and explained the reason why the meeting holds which can be basically summed up as ‘some of the bullshii life can throw at you and how to handle them.’

It was a long interesting talk but I was able to grab some important lessons which are;

OVER COME YOUR FEARS: Once you overcome your fears you have conquered everything else. You reach for what you want because nothing is impossible for you to dominate on earth!

NEVER BE A PARTY TO EVIL NO MATTER HOW SMALL: Don’t be a direct or indirect part of an evil scheme because it’d eventually get back at you.

NEVER DUMP RELIGION OR SPIRITUALITY: Don’t dump your religion because you have been disillusioned by your pastor, Imam, Ifa priest because man is made of soul, body and spirit and there is a need for them to be fed and for there to be balance among these elements, you need religion and spirituality to feed those parts of you.

YOUR PARENTS ARE NOT ALWAYS RIGHT: I have known this since he analyzed The Man Who Was Almost a Man by Richard Wright for us in one of his classes last year but still the fact that he mentioned it again during the meeting by citing real life experiences reinforced it again in my head that not all old folks say or do are right.

HAVE YOUR OWN MIND: Believe in your own personal ideology and walk towards it if it is right and you are not hurting yourself or anybody else.

IT IS OKAY TO MAKE MISTAKES: Mistakes always teach us something because what is lost is a lesson learnt. What is gained at times is from a hurting past. So we should never see mistakes as something that terms us a failure, mistakes means ‘you tried your hands at something and not that you failed at something.’

NO HUMAN BEING IS PERFECT: No one is perfect including the word perfect and Dunmade himself, yes he said that and he stressed it importance when it’s time to settle down with the future boo too. Y’all gotta be committed to each other cus love alone don’t make a happily ever after.

I left Dunmade’s house wiser, I left Dunmade’s house holding gold in my left hand. I left Dunmade’s house with something I didn’t learn throughout the four years I spent in the university.

I hope you learnt something from this post too?

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