Have you ever thought of the “ifs” that could have been “if” things took a different route? “if” things are not the way they are, what would have happened “if” you did that or what wouldn’t “if” only you didn’t?

Limitations often make us think of ifs, we think we would be better off if we only had more resources, more opportunities, if people had supported us, we would have gotten further than where we planned, if they gave us the contract, it wouldn’t have flopped, if if, if!
Earlier this week, I celebrated my birthday, I had wanted to make a post and go all out about it. I was even contemplating a photo shoot, the reason for the photo shoot is to have something available for when some friends and well wishers needed to use my photo on their social media accounts, I once had an ugly experience when a friend I thought was a friend used a very unflattering, silly looking photo of me on her WHATSAPP profile on my birthday! How I saw it would be too long a story but that was part of the silly reason too. Lol. I didn’t have a dime to throw a mini party and do what I wanted to do on my birthday but I was still looking forward to it, when the money eventually came, something more important came up too and I just had to cancel the birthday plans which was taking fine photos and eating my self to a state of “stupor” at KFC!

As I rolled on the bed on my birthday, does with a sore throat that threatened to twist my neck to the back, stomach pains that kept telling me my rectum can give way any moment, headache and body pains doing their own darn thing, the earlier thoughts of IFs disappeared, the silly
“If I had more money, I would be able to pay of some important bills and still have enough for food and drinks, if I had…”

I learnt a huge lesson on my birthday, that it is not about being happy with food, taking photos and having all the fun you want to have on your birthday. That is not the fulfillment that comes from a birthday, that is not the thrill. The real joy, fulfillment comes when those that care about you, genuinely care about you are there for you on that special day, the fulfillment is when you realized how far you have come when some of the goals you set out for yourself get accomplished or almost accomplished, when you are a thousand steps to where you are going but at the same time a million steps away from where you are coming from.

Some limitations are there to make you grow, learn and do things in other ways, that limitation can lead you to create something new or unique. That limitation should inspire you to be better, do better, that limitation shouldn’t make you count your losses and groan under the weight of always having to do with so little every time. That limitation should trigger the UNLIMITING INSPIRATION. Rather than break you and make you helpless, it inspires you in numerous ways. Talk about turning your Kolanut into Coca-Cola. Lol.

Darlings, stop beating yourselves up with “IFs” it only tortures you with things you don’t have, IF is just an excuse to get away with not being better than you already are.
Stop dealing with IFs and turn your limitations into UNLIMITED INSPIRATIONS.

Have a lovely day.


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