So Facebook Big Boss visited Nigeria last week to discuss Technology with some ICT experts before he left for Kenya, in the course of his short visit to Nigeria which was done in a hush hush manner, he tasted the magical Jollof rice and could not help but praise the wonders of the almighty Jollof rice, Nigerians went into a tweeting frenzy and started mocking Ghana and their own jollof, it became a battle sort of between Nigeria and Ghana when Mark Zuckerberg left Nigeria and went to Kenya instead of visiting Ghana, ehehehe.
Nigerians mocked Ghana’s tasteless jollof for the Zuckerberg snub while Ghanaians were quick to point out Nigeria and Kenya’s dwindling economy as the reason for the visit, it was said that Mark was visiting less privileged countries!
Majority of peeps at twitterville failed to see the subtle yet strong shade thrown at Nigeria and Kenya, Nigeria to be precise, we were called out as a nation that has inefficient, incompetent, corrupt and old dying men and women at the helm of affairs, little wonder he shunned our own ICT minister the first day he visited but met with Kenya’s ICT minister who happens to be a young, smart fellow who knows about technology and could handle the simple gadget called phone efficiently! A young smart fellow who need not to be a one time chief of staff or a member of the ruling party, a brother or sister to a one time Governor! A young smart fellow who knows what the Youths would fall for technology wise and how their talent could be harnessed into something great techno wise.
While we were busy dancing up and down because of the jollof rice praise,Kenyans mocked us and pointed out the fact that Zuckerberg met with entertainers majorly in Nigeria and there is a huge probability Nollywood producers would soon churn out different movies titled ‘The visit of Zuckerberg 1 and 2’ ‘Facebook in Nigeria ” The return of Zuckerberg ‘.
While Nigerian stars grin from ear to ear beside Zuckerberg, gaining nothing from what he had came to discuss except oh well selfies and a diary entry about their encounter with the Facebook legend, the erstwhile unknown geeks and computer enthusiasts got inspired by his visits and would have or might double up their efforts in using technology to make lives easier for Africans.
While we fight over whose Jollof is the sweetest, let’s remember some are moaning over the ever increasing price of basic commodities, thefts and bad vices are now the order of the day, we are still neck deep in corruption, there is frustration and discomfort among the average Nigerian, I bet majority of those involved in the useless Jollof rice spat are people with stomachs straining from excessive eating while some people soak garri and wait for it to rise before eating.
There is more to Nigeria than Jollof, we have a lot more to offer than well cooked stewed rice, there are lots of talents wasting away, some are waiting to be harvested, some have wasted away already while some are being abused.
It is high time we the Youths start using our spare time constructively rather than engaging ourselves in useless, senseless twitter battle of wits war that would end there and then, what a waste of MB and precious time!


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  1. AvatarT.piano

    Abi o… Heard the gist but can’t believe some Nigerians will go on Twitter winding up other countries bcos of jollof when they have lot of fractures yet to be treated

    1. kanzahadminkanzahadmin Post author

      Nigerians always take silly things serious then ignore the important issues that are meant to be looked into. Just take the Buhari-dog-name saga for an example.


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