Remember when we were young and we dreamt of how successful we would be once we leave the University and start working? Remember our dream jobs then – Lawyer, doctor, engineer, architect, nurse. Remember how we would squeal in delight when we saw a sleek car drive by, how we pushed one another in the bid to claim the car as ours. Remember those fancy dresses and houses we saw on TV that we called ours? Where are we now?
How many of us are living our childhood dream? When did we realize all our childhood fantasies are just idealistic visions that are next to impossible if we don’t work for it? How many of us worked towards making our dreams a reality? How many of us have failed? How many are pushing on? How many have given up? Where are you now?

How does it feel like when we see others living the life we thought for ourselves? What emotions do we feel then? Pain, envy? Jealousy? Self-pity? anger? How many times have we fallen into dark moods because we are not ‘successful’ yet?

We often beat ourselves up for not being that which we thought we would be. We all dream of success but success holds different meanings for everyone. For some it is a well paying 9-5 job, others want a business with thousands of people under their employment, some dream of the day they’d get featured on a magazine cover. For someone like me, right now, it is hitting a 100,000 views before the end of this year. See? Success have different meanings to us. But success is often equated with wealth, glamour, popularity and everything materialistic at times. We all want the money, the fame and every other nice thing that comes with what we term ‘success’. The one who wants to be a doctor doesn’t see himself working in an hospital for the poor with nothing but peanuts as pay but rather they see themselves in wide well-designed offices, fat checks and lists of the who-is-who as patients.

Nobody imagines life as a failure, when they do it is a nightmare they are eager to wake up from. People only shudder at the thought of what the future holds when their comfort zone get threatened. When there is no threat, we all go a dreaming again. Nobody wants to face the sad truth, which is not everyone of us would get our dream jobs, get our dream spouse, get our dream cars, get our dream house. Nobody wants to know that not all their plans would fall into place, that things may not work out when we thought they would, that not everyone of us would be successful. Sad, but true.

We waste time making plans, making plans are good. But we waste too much time with the plans we make instead of putting the time to good use. Majority of the time we spend planning is spent dreaming of how we would walk into a room full of people as applause rent the air, how we would collect fat paychecks with glee and let our kids pick what they want without checking the price tags.

We don’t take cues from things we see around us and that is sad. How many great authors are as popular as Shakespeare? Some wrote masterpieces which never saw the light of the day, some people’s manuscript got burnt but nobody knew about it because it wasn’t in record, nobody knew how great such person was. But do you know what satisfies some writers? Feedback! A feedback from just one person about how their writing changed their life around from bad to good is enough for them. So know this if you aspire to be a writer, your book may get neglected on the shelf for years, it may never become a New York Times bestseller but if you were able to inspire 10 people out of the millions in the world with your work. You are successful!

How many lawyers handle high profile cases? Not every dang soul who graduates from law school will pack home money that is as much as the law books they read. But if as a lawyer, you are able to get justice for that oppressed family who have nothing but trust in you. You are successful!!

How many brilliant people are employed in multinational companies? How many brilliant people are living the life of comfort people thought they’d be living? Not everyone who leave school with a perfect CGPA will work in a place where they take all expenses paid vacation twice a year and other allowances that runs into millions of dollars. But do you know, the one you help with your immense knowledge, the one you help with that difficult course, the one you helped and made everything easy for, the one you tutored till they passed the exam they thought they’d never pass, did you know such a person would never forget you? That alone is success. Don’t think your wealth of knowledge is languishing, don’t think only the best deserve the best out of you. The best is comfortable already, the best can replace you, think of the one who has nothing and is starting from somewhere. Success!!!

The earlier we stopped thinking of success as something that exists only in the material. The better, sometimes success can come from just finding yourself. Many people spend years chasing success that by the time they stopped to think, time has gone and they have not lived their life but have spent years chasing nothing! People like that often have no friends, loved ones or beautiful memories. People would talk about how they would never get married or have kids until they become ‘successful’ and they spend years, leaving lovers, family, friends searching for the success they might never see. The mysterious thing about life is, the one termed successful is somewhere searching also for success, it could be securing the billion dollars contract, having peace of mind, or kids.

We always keep moving.

Success would always be that thing that eludes us and when we eventually get it. We start running again after another success, the one that seems farther. Success, for some could lie in having a thousand followers on Instagram, it could be having the perfect wedding, it could be traveling abroad, it could be buying the latest gadget, it could be having kids, it could be getting a job, it could be having cool clothes to wear, it could be graduating with the perfect grade in school.
Not everyone one of us would have that, you may never be successful but that’s okay because nobody is truly successful.

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    To be sincere I never expected this kind piece from you. You are indeed a beauty with brain. I’m really Inspired…. More ink to your pen dear.


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