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In a typical Nigerian home a “I can’t find my menses o” will either send your family into a fit or turn your mother into a sudden dancer. Either ways your mother will call your distant relatives, her sisters and brothers, her friends and maybe neighbors next door to come and share in her happiness or to come and see how she got stripped naked in broad daylight.

Most girls that start their period or menstruation with the knowledge of their mothers get to sit through the legendary fable passed down from generations to generations of mothers
“If a boy touches you it is pregnancy straight” lot of girls will spend their teenage years running away from boys. I wonder if they run away from their brothers and daddies too. Lol

Our flow as young girls shows we are still untainted with one useless seed that lodges in girls from thin air. Tell anyone “I have not seen my period yet” the first response would be “abi you are pregnant?” as if infections, hormonal imbalance and other circumstances can’t delay menstruation.

A healthy menstrual cycle among married women is a thing of sorrow, not the usual jubilation that greets it from a lady who has mistakenly tasted the forbidden fruit without precaution. Many would curse and clutch at their tummy the moment they see a streak of red on their panties. Different strokes for different folks.

But why is it so? Why is so much importance attached to menses? Is it because of the supernatural beliefs connected to it? I heard somewhere that a used sanitary towel, pad, cloth can be used to turn a man’s destiny upside down, if it is thrown at a man or it touches his body, they said no medicine man can free him from the shackles of misfortune till he dies. I also heard some married women wash their menstruation inside the pot of soup and food for their husband to turn him into mumu and prevent him from straying. Eheheh #clapshands

And it is not as if this menstruation of a thing is easy, aching back, waist, tummy and the feeling of something slimy coming out of your vagina when the blood clots, the body pain heavy breasts that hurts when you wear a bra, the stain it leaves on the bed when you sleep, it all make it look as though “mother nature is punishing you for not getting pregnant” as Fikayo Odugbemi would say.

Some errant boys will throw curses at one another and say “your mother ought to have used you for her period”

All of this because of menstruation? I can hear someone saying this as they read, you don’t know do you? Or you know but you don’t understand the brouhaha, how I wish men feel pain every month too and they have a flow of sperm that lasts for 3-5 days, then nobody will screw their noses at you when you fall into a sour mood and say “it is just blood nah”.

Have a lovely weekend. And I am looking for my period oooo.

12 thoughts on “MENSES, BLESSINGS, CURSES.

  1. AvatarT.piano

    Lmao… The fact we don’t menstrate doesn’t mean our mood is always good. We share the pains together bcos its on guys u transfer the aggression of the pain

    1. KanzahKanzah Post author

      It is not about your mood only, it is about you experiencing every thing a woman experiences during her period. There should chaos as well when you don’t see it when you are supposed to see it. Tenkyiu. Lol

  2. AvatarMedudiva

    Menstruation; the joy, the sorrow, the happiness, the pain. Whichever category u fall into, anxiety is always there. Anxious to see if it will come or not, pregnant or not, happy or sad? Menses import in a woman’s life cannot be underrated. It’s welcome depends on the situation on ground


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