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I can totally relate

I can totally relate

Here I am, it is 1:37am, I am not sleepy yet, neither do I plan to sleep soon, do not ask me what I am up to, but something really really productive is keeping me awake #winks. This is not insomnia okay? I can sleep for the whole of Africa, thank you very much.
Most times, silly stuff keep me up till morning, like chatting with a new found Internet flame that’d burn out as soon as it starts burning, watching series, trying to get to the end of an interesting novel (that is not silly) or serious stuff like thinking deep about life, events, things, stuffing my head with quotes, poems, characters in a book and what not of English Literature for an exam, my bad but I procrastinate a lot and when I get over being lazy, it would be too late and I end up just mushing up things and cramming up what ought to be done in months in two days! I am a genius, not.
It is 1:51am already, if I wasn’t occupied with something really really productive here #winksagain, I would be swimming in dreamland right now, some events that happened might come back as a senseless meaningless dream, thoughts that haunted or made me smile before bed could come in form of a nightmare, does this happen to everybody? Uuuuuuuh I feel like eating junks right now, I am sitting on the stairs with legs folded. What am I even saying? See ehn the reason why I have been uhm talking and talking since is… I AM HUNGRY! yes, it is 1:54am now but I am hungry, sucks to anyone who would screw up their faces and yap about eating before 8pm, tell that to people who care so much about healthy living! Okay that was too much but I am Hungry!
I know this is all going to end up in me soaking garri and adding lots of sugar with kuli kuli #sniffs or I might just tiptoe and gently remove a sachet of indomie, I could have stolen meat from the pot but there is no meat in the stew! There is boiled meat in the fridge but I don’t eat boiled meat!
It is 1:58am now, who understands what I am going through right now? I want to stop this, I really want to, I end up some times belching after stuffing my self with excess food, and the belch smells like rotten egg eeew, I usually use my hand to cover my nose when I belch, but the smell still finds it way to my nostrils, aaargh.
I still don’t know what to cook yet, I need me a chef mehn, fairy chef, you know the type that I can just call on with a wand and ask for fried plantain, wara, biscuits, zobo, fried meat, bread, water from without moving from where I lay on bed. The kind that’d fix me a quick meal after a stressful day at school, prepare hot pap for me on a cold lazy Saturday morning and make sure my milo and milk never ever ever finishes before the second week of resumption.
It is 2:06am! I am hungry and nothing is being done about it! Yes I am still sitting on the stairs and NO! I don’t know what to eat yet! I just saw a rat scurrying away, perhaps the same thing is keeping us both awake, but I am hungry! Why isn’t there a delivery service for midnight cravings? Or is there? I need me one, that wouldn’t require me to pay though or I could just pay with scarfs, does that make sense?
2:09! Now I have to do something about this hunger, I can’t come and go and die, the hunger is annoying me, an hungry woman is an angry woman! And yes, am off to soak garri or eat indomie(if I don’t get scared out of the kitchen by myself). Goodluck to me waking up with a bloated tummy tommorow morning. Hello flat tummy


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