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Finally… WordPress signed me in! i dunno whether the problem came from WordPress or the Airtel network I decided to port to but I have been unable to log in for the past few days and it is either I see “please refresh your page or something something about cookie should be enabled” when it is enabled, all these internet jargons. please pardon the AWOL

I am going to take my time with this post cus who knows when we gon see again peeps? i didn’t mean that, still I am going to take my time, take your time and take everybody’s time as Luvvie once said. I sitting in a dark class with strong WiFi network (finally getting what I paid thousands for) and having two guys “keep” me company eez noh a joking stuff, well I don’t know any of them, oh okay, one of them is my ‘son” and he is here while his other parts are in lala Land, my efforts so far has kept him from drooling all over the tables…kids, you just can’t get mad at them

me: Bidemi you are sleeping
him: I am not! (HITS HEAD ON THE TABLE)

But thank God for the gift of Suya from my amiable ever generous son, I would be crawling to my hostel like a woman plagued by extreme Hungritiatus, for eating is a form of sacrifice I must adhere to if I don’t want to catch sudden Hungritiatus.

So the second brother has been typing all night, trust Unilorin students and their I am serious much attitude, always doing as if they are the Last of the Serious ones, like one academic rapture will occur and they want to line up at the front of the queue faced creased with smiles and their humonguous heads projecting to the almighty whoever is going to be the judge that day how much books they have read…shuuuuuuuu

My roommates are still nowHere to be found and it rocks, doing anything I want when i want it is cool, i love my own company, what about you? That was how one overzealous Mr police arrested me on the 12th of April for Flouting a Dresscode law. odiegwu! the full event will be “encapisulated” in the next post or the next next one after it.

So dearest Kanzahnians, that nick sounds like y’all are citizens of one awesome African country *grinsfromArmpitToArmpit* I have to go now and I leave y’all in peace,happiness…why does this sound like the ending of a suicide note?. bye anyways

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