“Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are” is totally a cliché. I mean it holds no water anymore but when choosing friends, it would do us good to befriend people who are not just living but existing.

We can’t just hang out with people for the sake of hanging out, have you ever done an analysis on your circle of friends? What is their contributions to your life, do you just chill out, smoke, drink, party, laugh only with them? Or do they advise you, link you up with people who would help make your dreams come true, inspire you to be better than you are, motivate you to reach your goals, push you to step up your game with their success stories, improve your wardrobe, your IQ, your LIFE?
Making friends that add nothing positive to your life is as good as wasting away with a crowd of people who pulls you back ten steps when you take one step forward.
Make friends with people who are better at what you do than you, you learn from them, you become better and much more experienced.
Make friends with people who are older than you are, you get wiser when they discuss issues with you, you both may have different opinions but you get to see life from an older perspective. And what do they say about old wines?
Make friends with people whom everyone has written off for no good reason, that urchin with tattered clothes and barely nothing to eat may teach you more than what you’d ever learn even if you spend your whole life in a classroom.
Make friends with intelligent people, people who think deeply before they speak, people who speak eloquently and discuss intelligently.

I can’t remember who said this but I am guessing it is Sully Breaks the motivational speaker on YouTube, he said you could tell a man’s bank account with the type of friends he keeps. I disagree with this because you may have billionaires as friends but if you don’t try to know how they became billionaires, the sacrifices they made, the hard work they put into their businesses before it becomes a success, you’d forever eat at their table as a friend and nothing more than a friend, you could become the friend that has a hundred thousand Naira in his account, the type that gets a parcel of three hundred thousand when he is leaving, you may think that is the life but it isn’t. Or you could learn from them, by not being arrogant, by being patient and humble, he who wants the treasure that lies within a rock wouldn’t think of the Axe as inapt. The lessons you learnt from your billionaire friends can turn you into a Gazillionaire. Yes, you can be much more better.

So, quit “rolling” around with people just for the sake of it, if you have fun friends you should have friends that challenge you to be the better version of yourself.

Let go of people who only cares about the good life, you attract like-minded people when you chase what you want relentlessly. As Michelle Porter Fit would say “Build your tribe and choose wisely”.



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