I’ve learned that fear limits you and your vision. It serves as blinders to what may be just a few steps down the road for you. The journey is valuable, but believing in your talents, your abilities, and your self-worth can empower you to walk down an even brighter path. Transforming fear into freedom – how great is that? – Soledad O’Brien

Breathe deeply, calm yourself, now say to yourself I CAN DO IT.

Everyday bring new challenges, some we ignore, some we tackle, others we run away from because we are scared. We are scared of losing, we are scared of getting it all wrong, we are scared of disappointing those who look up to us most of all we are scared of what people would say!

There are lot of things we have abandoned because we are afraid, but how would you know you’d succeed or fail in something when you refused to try your hands on it? You should know some things are all in your head, if you keep telling yourself “nah, this is scary I can’t do this” you won’t be able to. The mind affects our actions at times, some things are premeditated but we beat ourselves up and think we suck at some things.

I have project which should be submitted around August or before August next year, I have not started yet okay I have actually started but my proposal was rejected, why was it? My supervisor told me that wasn’t what she wants, she made some corrections and now I kinda know what to do, my project scares the *sweets* out of me but what must be done, must be done. I have decided to do things at my pace and try my hands on it. I would not just sit around and continued to be scared, no I would keep on doing it till I get it right.

I read it somewhere that we should use our fears, for it can take us to our strongest place.

When I was young, my mother and I used to play a game, she would light a candle and would dare me to tell her to blow it off, I would dare her and she would make a scary face before blowing it off, I would scream and bang the door looking for a way out while she would laugh and scare me the more. This game continued for a long time and it scares me every time, then I told her one day that I do not want to be scared of dark places anymore since she and other grown ups are not scared of dark places then she told me the secret of fighting my fears in dark places, she said “next time you find yourself in a dark place, start shouting or talking loudly your voice will scare the Ojuju Kalaba (bogeyman) lurking in the dark and all those Ojuju Kalabas will run away”. I began to use that trick every time I was unfortunate enough to be sent to a dark place at night by an impossible uncle or oh, my loving grandmother.

What is the essence of my story? Scare your fears, you scare your fears away by first standing up to your fears, if you do not stand up to it you can not scare it away. Standing up to it shows that you are ready for battle.

Now how do you scare your fears? By facing it!. Are you scared of dying? Visit a casket shop. Are you poor in dancing? Take dance classes, practice, form your own routine. Are you scared of failing your exams? Befriend your books, read the seemingly difficult courses and say before every reading ” I will murder this course, I will dissect every information about this course, I will slay in this course” believe me that course is already scared of the genius that you are. Are you scared of being poor? Map out financial plans for yourself, deprive yourself and work towards a secured financial future.

What other fears do you have? Face them, after all we do not let the fear of death stop us from living.

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# Xoxo lovelies.


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