It is not easy to keep your mouth mum when your heart is pumping with joy, it is not easy either to lock your lips when your heart is heavy with grief either but it is easy to know when, where and who to open up to when you are overwhelmed by emotions. Learn how to keep things to yourself.
Learning how to keep things to yourself will save you from a whole lots of drama, besides it would create an aura of mystery around you which would be difficult to understand in as much as you keep your lips sealed even when your heart is racing and words are threatening to burst out of your mouth.
Keep things to yourself, nobody, I repeat, not a soul deserves to know more about you than you do, their opinions doesn’t matter anyway you only become a new source of juicy hot gossips, and rumours.
Have you ever wondered why some people become sworn enemies? Most often it is as a result of spilling each other’s secrets to the world, this creates bitter feelings and hatred which could have been avoided if one of the two parties involved learn how to keep their mouth shut!
If you find it difficult to keep things to yourself, try out this tricks
– Write all that is bothering you on a sheet of paper without holding back anything, fold it and keep it in your pocket till the next day or few minutes, remove it from where you had kept it and burn it yes you read that right, burn it!
– Type all your worries, sorrows, disappointments in a safe place, it could be in form of drafts in your message box or make a note of it in your notepad, keep it till the next morning and reread it again, delete after reading!
– Go to a safe quiet place, it could be in the woods, your toilet, your bedroom, a place where you’d be left alone and won’t get distracted or eavesdropped on, shout and scream and talk about everything that is bothering you, imagine you are talking to someone in the room who can solve all your problems, you need to imagine that because you alone can solve your problems and you are talking to you! Let go of all those steams that are threatening to erupt into flames, take a deep breath after. You would feel better.
– Breath deeply for 5 minutes, if you still feel like opening up, breathe deeply again.
– Record your rants on your phone and delete immediately, pretend it is a huge scandal no one must hear about and treat the record as if you are sending a big clue to a private investigator and you could land into trouble if someone else listens to it.
– Slap yourself when you feel like telling everyone, everything.
– Work out, press ups and other exercises can help take your mind of what is disturbing you.
– Go out and take a very very long walk.


When people know less about you, it is hard for them to get at you, as my cousin would say “there are people that can kill me but do not know how to because they know nothing about me, there are people that can rescue me not because they know about me but because they want to know my weakness, there are people I can kill and rescue because I know all about them”.
Some of us suffer from chronic mouth diarrhea, this is the running mouth disease, let your achievements speak for you and do not show your grief to the world, don’t be fooled a problem shared is not half solved, some would be happy you have that problem others do not care if you have the problem or not while others just want to get entertained.
Learn how to keep things to yourself and your life would be more peaceful.
# xoxo


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I am not cute or built to suit a fashion model size, but when i start to tell them, they think am telling lies, i say, it is in the reach of my arms, the span of my hips. I am a woman phenomenally, phenomenal woman,that's me - Maya Angelou.


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