“Amebo nah work” so they say but have you been told it is the most unprofitable work ever if you are doing it the wrong way? You should ask Stella Dimoko Korkus how she does it or better still have a little tete-a-tete with Linda Ikeji, hehehehe now you know those two are way beyond just doing Amebo, they smile to the bank with it and no, they don’t do Akara and pure water Amebo, they serve it Hot! Steaming appetizer with yummy dessert. Amebo nah work when it comes to them.

But, how about you? What have you gained from years of running from pillar to post looking for new scoops and gossips? Oh I see, you have longer mouth from recounting tales and gossips, bony chest from exhausting yourself as you breath rapidly while you race to where you want to deliver sharp sharp news, wow even your neck is as deep as a well since you abandon your food countless times to run after Kola and his girlfriend who just entered his room and your eyes? Sunken from looking at things you are not supposed to look at, smh.

What does it profit us? I ask again, to gain juicy news that is not even news and lose our peace of mind in the process, we lose our peace of mind by turning what we saw when we are not supposed to see it over and over in our head, I ask what does it profit us? When we listen to conversations our candid opinions does not matter in? What does it profit us? When we spy on people we barely know just because we need a hot tea on them? The fact that we know their secret or what? Or the fact that we need to demystify them and know whether they are human or not? Or because we are just bitter frustrated souls who need to see, hear and know the bad in others just to comfort ourselves.

We don’t really know do we? That minding our business is far more profitable than poking our noses in places unsuitable for our noses? oh yes!

The times we spent on emergency detective duties could have been used in doing something more rewarding than catching Tosan stealing meat from his neighbour’s pot, I am not against us being good citizens that helps in curbing crimes but we don’t need to be extreme with it.

I snooped once and I regret it, No I do not like what I saw because it was totally none of my business and huhn as my holier-than-thou self spoke “common sense” I realized it is something I might have done if I was in that kind of situation, would I have stopped myself from snooping if I had thought twice against it then? Yes! Do I feel bad about it? Yes! Would I want to be in that kind of situation again? No! No!! No!!!. I still beat myself up almost everyday, I can’t forgive myself of that, it was that bad, I feel horrible and I still do, whoever I spied on is living his/her life out there while I am here still moaning over it.

Amebo no be work I repeat, journalists that break news about celebrities don’t just break news, their own “amebo” is a professional kind of amebo, it is the type of “amebo” you need to be trained for, you risk your life in the process, you investigate thoroughly, you work on facts and if you die in the process you are a superhero, nah I am not talking about you.

Many friends have turned sworn enemies just because one couldn’t keep his/her mouth under strong lock, friends take out spite and envy through amebo, if you read you would know close friends blackmail each other and expose each others dirtiest secrets, some have become victims of defamation due to friends that have vowed to use their mouth to ruin lives. People spin lies and add it to their “hot scoop” families have become disintegrated from someone who saw that that that with this this this which is not even true!.

We should learn how to face what our major concern is, nobody cares about anybody, gossip dies when it hits the ears of a wise person they say, people forget rumours eventually, scandals does not glue to the body of the “scandalized” and your amebo is nothing at the end of the day.

G-E-T-A-J-O-B. #xoxo


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