Envy is the feeling of wanting to have what someone else has according to Merriam Webster.

Everyone has felt pangs of envy at one point or the other in their lives, it is perfectly normal. But what you make out of it is up to you. Envy is like water, you can either let it save you or let it drown you.

Envy can come from seeing your mates succeed at something you wish to succeed in too, take for example when your friend scores 94/100 and you have 53/100, that feeling you get in your tummy that spreads to your chest, that makes your tummy rumble and make you feel like visiting the toilet but disappears as it came. That feeling that comes rushing back when people around began to praise your friend, we have all been through it. That is envy.

However, as healthy as envy could be at times, it is not good for us. Even though envy can trigger us to make something out of ourselves too, letting it take control of us will make us feel worse about our situation.

Envy does nothing to your wellbeing except making you sick, maybe not physically but you get sick, the way your heart beats when you hear praises of your flawless friend, the thoughts of “if I could have what she has” the way you grudgingly do things you do cheerfully thereby slowing you down. You get sick and it all stems from envy. Have you even wondered why the term is “go green with envy” why can’t it be blue, yellow or red? Well I think it has to do with the fact that turning green relates to being sick speaking of a white man’s skin though. I just checked Google and it says “The Greeks thought that when you were ill or jealous, the body produced too much bile, giving the skin a green tint”

Purging yourself off envy is the best thing you can do for yourself. You don’t need to go all out before you can be cleansed, you can start by doing this things

– Stand in front of a mirror and confess: Tell the mirror how you felt when your friend brought his new car to school, tell the mirror how your stomach sank because you have always dreamt of owning your own car too. Tell the mirror how miserable you felt till the end of the day when you realized how much of a failure you are because you don’t have rich parents or enough money to get your own car. Tell the mirror how you feel small beside him/her, how the world seem to blur you ought because of the brightness or his/her charms. Tell the mirror everything.

– Remember nobody is contented: Cheer yourself up with the saying “nobody has everything” why do you think the rich wants more money? After having lots of money, why do you think the rich spend the rest of their lives searching for that one thing they’d never find and you might have? Know your friend that bought a new car could have issues he/she is battling, he/she could be down with a terminal illness, his/her parents might be separated, he/she could be a yahoo boy and a drug addict or a runs girl and a coke head. Know that the one with grace and charm still thinks a part of his/her body is imperfect, it may surprise you that he/she may envy your nose, the way you smile or the gap in between your teeth. Yes.

– Count your blessings: List the things money cannot buy in your life, good health. Know intelligence doesn’t mean you’d be successful( I am not encouraging you to be a dull head). There are rich people out there that spend their millions on chemotherapy, first class graduates roaming the street, some working as Koju Herbal mixture sales agent, beauty Queens that have sleepless nights over their beauty, you know what am saying? Count your blessings.

– Spend time with people who are grateful: Befriend people who praise the Lord for the gift of life and seemingly unimportant things like praising God nonstop for having Garri and groundnut to drink. Garri and groundnut you drink in your hostel in peace is better than the roasted turkey and expensive wine drunk in a house of gold troubled by afflictions.

– Be happy for others: Always celebrate the success of others, when you do that you feel like you are a part of the success too. And nothing, nothing would get to you when you celebrate someone else’s success like your own.

– Always do the little you can to help: Helping others will make you realize there are people in worse situations than you.

Do not let envy get the best of you, do not feel horrible just because others are buying the latest clothes in vogue and you still rock your sibling’s hand me downs. Live a life with purpose and that starts with a pure heart… Free of envy.

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