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We all crave to be accepted, we make ourselves uncomfortable just to please people, we go out of our way just to do things for people that wont even bat an eyelid if we got knocked off by an Okada man.
By fire by force we push ourselves at them, shaking and fusing over them like mother hen and her newly hatched chicks while they care less about us.
Majority of us are still into this fruitless journey that would end not only with heartache but with us feeling betrayed when we eventually discovered we are being used all along, you’d get clapped at when you call their attention to how you are being treated, you’d be called an “eye service” for the help you have rendered, they’d turn things around and make it look like it is your fault you are nice to someone who doesn’t give a hoot about your existence.
That is when we need to cut some slack and create some space, move far away from such people and let them be, stop calling them everytime draining their battery do you know how annoying that is? Someone who obviously doesn’t care about you would definitely find that annoying, stop visiting them everytime trying to get into their good books, who are they to enter your name into their own books? Why would you care about what someone that sees you as a pest think of you? Why will you desperately try to be accepted? Stop texting them on every social media platform, your overzealousness might get you blocked one day. Stop doing things just because they love people that do such things, if they’d love you they would accept you whole and whole even if you fail at doing things they like.
Delete people who treat you less than you should be treated in your life, who said you need approval from certain people before you can shine bright like a diamond? Why will you let them treat you like a stone when you are a precious gem? you are Royal my dear and you don’t deserve to be treated like a slave.
Find yourself, Be motivated.


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