Dang asked a question on her IG page about what we are grateful for. And I mentioned the Sallah meat that is still remaining, the plantain we would have for breakfast and most importantly growth and peace of mind. What about you? What are you grateful for? That post propelled me towards writing this post. Remember when we used to have morning posts almost every day? How times flies *grinscheekily*

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That reminds me, there was a broadcast message that was making rounds on different WHATSAPP groups yesternight, it was about a car which was snatched with a baby in it. It was a disheartening thing to hear and my grandmother was disturbed with the news when I told her, she kept wondering how the mother would cope. Few hours later, I read the baby has been found and people should keep hoping the car gets found too.

Excuse me? Are you people sharing broadcast normal? Many are mad but keeping it under their fancy dresses. How can you still push for the car when the baby that is supposed to be the most important is found? If it was me I wouldn’t bother about the car, even if ‘taaty billion’ is inside. It would hurt but isn’t it money? Can’t I make more? Is it not car? Can’t I buy another? Car ko, motor ni.

Hmmmm, nowadays ehn, things just happen and it makes you ask yourself loads of questions. Recently I have been asking myself ‘is the world coming to an end soon?’. The pictures of the havoc the flood wrecked at Makurdi was so scary. I just kept wondering how those people would cope. And the hash tag #PrayforMakurdi still makes me cringe, it should be #HelpPeopleofMakurdi. For those who are buoyant, donate, donate and donate, corrupt politicians ought to be at the forefront of the donation, who knows God can decide to forgive you of looting.

And the hurricanes in the Caribbean? Texas, Natural disasters and the man made wars everywhere. Lord, where is your face?

May today be better than yesterday. Cheers.

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