On one Wednesday that has no date, I got to my class area to see students wearing grey tags of different shades and tints. I caught snips of conversation between one uncle and his friend

” That is how it is o, we even get checked at night for it”
” Nah wa o, is that why everyone is wearing their tags?”
” Before nko, who wants to face Tanke?”

I chuckled as I made my way to Dr. Abdullah’s office and wondered when wearing of tags on campus suddenly became much of a big deal. Is the school getting accredited again? Then I remembered my 100 level days and how I felt intimidated anytime I see “stalites” hanging the ropes that separate them from the bloody “freshers” on their neck. I hunger for one and when I eventually got it. I wear it everywhere, every time, every day. I wash it with the rest of my clothes every weekend, some of my course mates said they’d rather make it dirty so it would look as if they had been in school for long. Eeew, such dirty.

Enough talk. So what is the fuss about? Plastic and rope ni o, the leash that shows you are a bona fide student of the better by far University, your ticket to enter the school, that is if the security men are in the mood for there are times you’d feverishly put on your school tag or hang it on your neck from challenge to school gate and they wouldn’t even glance at your bus before waving at it to go.

Who am I to underrate the power of the school’s tag? What can turn a smiling student into a wailing wailer all of a sudden, he who holds a student’s tag has unlimited power over such student. Tell the student to slap himself and he does so willingly, it is no wonder why “skurity” security rickety-bickety men reach for it with their talons when you are going out of line.

“Weeesh dikpatmont h-are hu?” they squint as they try to read out your names upside down.

I have seen students roll on the floor when their school tags get seized, even shoemakers and messengers in the faculty know they can do and undo when they have a student’s tag in their hands, I once saw a man who does photocopying and printouts at the school’s motion ground threatening a student with his ID card.

” Who has an identity card, is it not you? I will remove your tag from your neck and carry it to students affairs now, who are you, who will face Tanke?” I would have gone ahead to mention who said this and where his stand is located but I wouldn’t. He still needs to feed and heck, no student would boycott him if I mention his stand, the name of his stand starts with a position though and the name of one the ***** generation banks in Nigeria.

As I was saying, the power of the school’s tag cannot be underrated, in fact the school loves the use of tags so much that departments get separated and new tags get created for the new departments. It is therefore little wonder when broadcast messages began to appear on school, faculty, department group chats about the new school rule about the use of the school tag, the failure to wear it involves facing the STUDENTS DISCIPLINARY COMMITTEE and with what I have heard about the SDC, once you face them you are done for. So students were begged to wear their school tag, I could remember the Vice president of my department knelt in the final year group chat for everyone stating that we have few months left and all manner of bants that sounds too insincere to be taken to heart.

I don’t know why, but I find the idea amusing. Of course it is good to wear your school tag on campus but enforcing it use with the threats of the SDC is going too far in my opinion. It is not like every student doesn’t wear his or her school tag, I know people who wear their tag everyday. They love their tag so much that they wear it into town without knowing. Enforcing it use to me is not necessary, students would always be students and no amount of coercion can beat students into submission. Threats of Tanke, maybe?

Besides, if it is meant to monitor the real students of this institution, then I am sorry that is a wrong move! There are students who have been asked to go home due to inability to scale through the 1.50 bridge meant to weed out the unserious students from the “serious” ones who deserve to stay in the school, who are still entering the school and going out like it’s no man’s business. There are others who have been rusticated for one misdemeanor or another who still enter the school when they feel like with their school tags! I mean, they can as well throw their old tags on their neck and stroll around school like they are on 5.0 or they are the reigning scholar of their department. There are even people who moved from one department to another and still have the tag of the former department with them. So? What are we on about?

I believe other measures asides enforcing use of tags can be used to show who or who isn’t a student of the school. Aren’t we technologically forward anymore? I don’t know how it can be done but there should be something else other than the school tag to set the real students apart from the ones who are “fronting”.

On a lighter note, wearing school tags by fire by force can ruin someone’s dope look. Imagine wearing a tag with the beautiful chunky chain you have on your neck? And the bright side is… The school gets lit up when everyone is turning up in their various tags, talk of Yellow, Grey, brown, coffee, blue, purple, pink, red, green, orange – Confederation of the walking rainbows.

What do you guys think about the enforcement of the use of the school’s tag? Or you haven’t heard about it? Well you just did. Do you think the school is doing too much? Or you are in support?

Your opinion matters. Drop your thoughts in the comment box below.


So, I got to class after saving this in my draft so I would post when I leave the class. Imagine my excitement when the enforcement of identity cards on students was one of what the lecturer talked about, it was as if he read my mind. I was so excited that I kept yelping YES! YES! from time to time. It’s like when you are filled with a certain kind of spirit. You can describe it but at the same time you feel so good, I felt something like a camaraderie with the lecturer as he spoke. I was literally blown off!

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