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I was privileged to have a not so little tete-a-tete with the tallest model in Nigeria, where he expressed his opinions on various issues ranging from modeling to society, dreams and passion of course.
Meet the 21year old tallest model in Nigeria.

– What was growing up like?
– – Growing is one of the greatest and most important part of every man’s life and I thank God for he has blessed me with the most wonderful parents in the world,they gave me Godly and spontaneous upbringing, I grew up as a mummy and daddy’s boy (laughs), we are a close knit family, I have 5 siblings and I am the 3rd amongst the 6 of us.
I am Bakare Olalekan Mubarak, an Actor , an award winning model, Mr Kwara international 2015/16, the creative director of Mubby’s Clothier & of course the tallest model in Nigeria.


– How did your journey into the modeling world start?
– – (thinks) it all started about 2years ago, I started as a freelance model, I did few commercials and I started moving on to greater things though I still have a very long way to go, I believe MY LIMIT IS FAR BEYOND THE SKY.

– Were you ever bullied as a kid because of your height or was it the other way round?
– – (smiles) I was never a bully, it was the other way round in high school crazy seniors bullied me a lot. These are not so funny memories.

– Was it because you were tall?
– – Yes because I was tall.


– What were your parents reaction when they realized you are into modeling?
– – It wasn’t a bad one, I believe being more successful will make them see far beyond what they projected and that will bring about more support from them.

– What was their projection?
– – I am sorry, I would rather keep that to myself.

– How was it like bagging the Mr Kwara International 2015/2016 award?
– – It was not easy and it was not a day’s job , lot of dedication, hardwork and perseverance went into it and I prevailed with the grace of God.

– Is it true models bribe pageant organizers and agencies to win and secure contracts?
– – Well I will rather say some pageantry contest organizers tend to collect money from contestants and make them win the crown without merit, I know of few cases but I would rather not to mention those involved, this kind of situation is mainly influenced by lack of financial support and corruption.
– – Why won’t you mention those involved?
– – I choose not to, people have different reasons for doing some things.

– How did you feel during your first photo shoot, Nervous? Excited?
– – I can’t recollect, Lol…

– Who is your role model in the modeling world?
– – I really do not have a specific role model, I will say I have got lots of inspirations, Tyson Beckford and Alexander inspires me to be better.

– Is it true 89% of male models are gays?
– – I believe that figure must have been reached by people after evaluations and cross examinations, but I am proud to say I am amongst the 11% that are straight I AM 200% STRAIGHT. Other male models can speak for themselves.

– – You sound homophobic, don’t you think this might hinder your success internationally, since the foreign world sees homophobics as threat to human freedom of expression of love?
– – God takes man to the greatest height Irrespective of anything in the world.

– How do you stay fit and trim?
– – I eat well and stay healthy, I also do a light workout routine.

– What do you think of the size zero debate in the modeling world? Do you think everyone needs to have a certain body to pull off a cloth?
– – (smiles) I Am a skinny model, Adonis Boso is ,Victor Indigwe is. So I wouldn’t castigate the size zero models, we don’t necessarily need the same body size, for instance fitness models and underwear models build their muscles heavily. I only think every model needs to be fit!

– You have your own clothing line, what influenced that?
– – The fact that I am extremely tall, my passion for fashion and bespoke outfits influenced it.

– Do your friends find your height intimidating?
– – Few of them do, some are so comfortable with it, some admire me for my height.

– How do you balance school and modeling?
– – I am lucky now that I am out of College, but it was stressful back then combining the two.

– What would you do if you are not modeling?
– – White collar job, acting or self employment.

– What was your most embarrassing moment on the runway?
– – I have never had any embarrassing moment on the runway, and I hope not (laughs) .

– What does it feel like to be compared to the tallest female model in the world Amazon Eve?
– – It is one of the greatest feelings in the world (smiles)

– You are the tallest model in Nigeria, how is it like shooting for designers?
– – It is how I am, I do not have problems with it, only that designers tend to devote more time and more resources to make a piece of couture for me. (shakes head and laugh)

– Where do you see yourself in five years time?
– – Well I will leave all in God’s hand, I have no caution to optimism, I am ready to be as great as God wants me to, I see myself as a great man, I have always wanted to be one and I would be.

– You have a flair for acting too? What movies have you featured in?
– – “The Red House Seven” in 2010, it is a film directed by Olufemi Ogunsanwo and Udoka Onyeka,it also casted Deyemi Okanlawon , it was premiered at the Silverbird galleria in 2012.

– Any plan to go into film making full time?
– – Yeah, wait on it

– How do you cope with overzealous admirers and fans?
– – (Smiles), I tend to give them befitting attention and I try as much as possible to make them feel loved too. They are my backbone. They love me.

– What advice do you have for upcoming models?
– – I will say God first, chase your dream to the fullest and dont get distracted by castigations, people always talk and you alone can define yourself. Then hard work, perseverance and humble gestures goes a long way, may the almighty help us all.

– Any last word from you to people out there?
– – I will want to say a very big thanks to every member of my family, my well wishers, and people that have contributed in one way or the other to my success, also I became a year older few weeks ago. I want to say a very big thank you to everyone that sent me wonderful birthday wishes. May the most high bless you all abundantly for all the warm & wonderful wishes. We shall never cease to celebrate, Amen.




Thank you for your time while the interview lasted. You can follow Nigeria’s tallest model on this platform.
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