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After getting cajoled to relax my hair the first time I decided to go natural, I vowed to make it work the next time around. I began to read Natural hair blogs in fact I became an addict. Naptural85 was a huge source of inspiration. I read her hair journey and how she transitioned and eventually did the big chop too. I was awed with her hair.

Westafricanbaby was another inspiration too, considering the fact that she is a Nigerian and she made me denounce the belief in the myth that Nigerian hair doesn’t grow, she also transitioned and she mentioned the fact that she got fed up one day and cut some of her hair off. She broached the issue of relaxing and the hot tingling feeling that comes from waiting so that your hair will be done, how she had to sit for extra hours because her hair is very stubborn.

I began to see myself in a fro, I dreamt of fro and think of fro, I became obsessed with baby hair because they are untouched with relaxers, I will sniff my little cousin’s hair all day long and play with her curls.

By the time I eventually made up my mind, I was truck with a dilemma; to either do the big chop and resume 200 level with a small fro after years of getting praises for my long silky locs or to transition and wait for my natural hair to grow for some time so that I can rock the Teeny Weeny Afro. I opted for the later, I was too scared to just cut my hair unceremoniously after more than a decade of growing.

I vehemently refused to relax my hair for my cousin’s wedding, my mummy threatened and tried to coerce me but I was adamant. I washed and packed it instead, six months after I began to have problems with my hair, shedding, discolouration, dealing with two hair textures, I wanted to cry what? I cried! But pictures of Westafricanbaby encouraged me.

Some of my cousins mocked me and said my hair will end up like a mad woman’s own, my friends told me I just want to ruin my hair, my mummy said I have been indoctrinated into one extremist religious movement, only my grandmother supported me and she made reference to the bald patch in the middle of her head which was as a result of the bad relaxer she used when she was in her heyday.

I became a pariah, I make cornrows every time or I thread my hair. 10 months after, I started seeing significant changes…

Now here I am. My friend who tried discouraging me joined the natural hair gang and the journey has been filled with trials and errors. So there you have it guys.

Hopefully I will write on the natural hair challenges soon.




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