See I get pissed over some things and entitled people are one of them. It is okay for you to be content in your self righteousness and stuck up feeling that the world owes you something but keep it to youtself and stop feeling smug about it okay?!!!

How can a grown man think coming from a poor family, hustling through school means they wouldn’t have it tough when it comes to living a better life. That is a telenovelaic idealistic expectation of wealth eventually coming after one have gone through some shit. No sir! Poverty isn’t romantic can you stop romanticizing it? How would you think the cosmic will automatically hand you wealth on a platter as per ‘iya je mi‘ ‘I suffered mehn‘. So you think because you were broke and girls spat in your face God has prepared one nice wife for you somewhere who is waiting for you to propose and then she says yes? You think you are destined for greatness because you have been insulted for being broke? First of all have you ever seen someone who died from insult? So why should we be scared of what you will become? Uncle becoming that is waiting on the Lord because he is destined from above to be great. Don’t go and get your butt to work and find your goldmine in this senseless country we call Nigeria o, be strutting like a peacock. If you are not careful that suffering will become generational.

The sense of entitlement that some people exude is irksome. I was once involved in a smelling conversation with a girl that is having a swell time in this Cinderella world she has created for herself, her excuse ‘I am a good girl I never followed my friends to all those night clubs, I don’t carry sugar daddies, do ashewo or smoke or drink. So definitely all my waiting and abstinence from those rubbish will pay off.’


Is it crack? Did you smoke crack? What manner of confidence? Imagine that much confidence in this life of burnt beans? Where choosing a partner is like buying a bale of okrika, you can either get nice beautiful first grade clothes or yamayama nonsense that you don’t even understand. It makes me wonder why someone will feel that swollen headed about a future that is uncertain. Of course it is good to wish something well for youtself but believing good girl = great partner and great life is crap! It is similar to the thought pattern of some poor people who feel rich people who have it easy and they would have been better off if they did shady and corrupt things too. First of all stop hating on wealthy people, stop comforting yourself with silly ‘life nah turn by turn‘ quotes, humble yourself and discard the arrogant attitude you put up when they dash you money. Okay?

Nobody is promised anything. It is better one drops that sense of entitlement before life shits on your head and force lemons down your throat before you can turn it into lemonade. How can you think because you were top of your class in school, never did drugs, graduated straight As, you deserve a six figure job or nothing? That meins what?

In this world of uncertainty where good people get hit with the worse things life can throw at someone, where women who have been there done that with different men are snagging the best of men, where the most horrible human is living well and fine and karma is nowhere to be found, where what you give isn’t necessarily what you get, you are content and proud feeling high ontop of your horses.

Drop your entitled mentality, make yourself better so you won’t end up as a mediocre human.


I am not cute or built to suit a fashion model size, but when i start to tell them, they think am telling lies, i say, it is in the reach of my arms, the span of my hips. I am a woman phenomenally, phenomenal woman,that's me - Maya Angelou.


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    But you didn’t mention God’s promise
    Why can’t i feel entitled about good things when have done good deeds
    The lord promised me that.
    I don’t accept your theory,Cause God promised good both on heaven and earth if you do good

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    Lol. Do you know what “entitled” means?.If you do Good,you’ll get rewards. God didn’t say he’ll give you money for suffering while growing up. Even if God promised good with Good, why then do you thank him if it’s your entitlement?.

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