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1:05am 14-11-16
I packed to school officially today, last week I only went to drop some of my stuff, I didn’t sleep over but today tsk I have no choice fah.
The horror of ending up with a psychopath as a roommate was averted when my 200level roommate and “friend” offered to be my roommate again, I can’t say we had it good then when we were roommate but we had fun still, we spent the better part of every semester keeping malice with each other and waiting for who would break first, and when we eventually talk things through we realized what we had been fighting over is baseless and stupid, that doesn’t mean she is perfect neither am I, and that doesn’t mean she never did things that hurt me but I didn’t spend these years on earth without offending people either.
So far we have not sliced each other neck off and I made things clear, told her we should never go to bed without talking things through because this semester ehn, me I cannot come and fight, everybody has been telling me I have added weight beautifully, you know those kinda weight nah, When you have the necessary fats in the right places, That even if you don’t gym you are still good to go? But when you gym you become fire!!! #grinsfromwalltowall.
It wasn’t easy unpacking, I hate unpacking ehn, the thought of the 10am class I have tomorrow is making me sad, I don’t know whether I should attend the class and should not register the course or register and attend or I shouldn’t register and I shouldn’t attend.
That was how they said the school have stubbornly made 5000 naira, 5000 naira, 5000naira mandatory this semester again for bandwidth oooo! Is it by force ni? Why is Unilorin doing somebody like this? What about those in Tanke and beyond? How would they use the WiFi? Most times people that live outside school go home hungry and fagged out almost everyday, the queue at the park sef is nothing to write home about, I hope this changes with the park they are building, the WiFi self would be jam-packed when some people have decided to vex on it, they would make it hard for other people to use it and stay connected night and day downloading movies, we can’t even change our password! My class rep tried.
That was how I wanted to go and buy Airtel card so I could subscribe tonight o, the aunty in charge of the buttery said she doesn’t have, eMpTheN nko? She said she doesn’t have except glo #picksrace. My roommate and I decided to go outside and get the call card at one of the hostels around and we went to wake up the portal, I wonder who sleeps that early it was just 11:38pm. She started complaining and began to talk about the robbery and female molestation around my hostel side, shuuuuuuu we thought she was just making empty threats and we waited till she opened the gate, that was how we got to the main gate and we found out it had been locked too, ha! “when we are not in secondary school” my roommate muttered as we strolled towards the gateman and security guard of the hostel. That was how they told us the school is no longer safe and there are robberies going on, that the window of a room was torn and someone’s laptop was stolen!
I went back inside in disbelief, I thought that only happen when the hostel is getting emptied and not when it is getting filled but since the school has refused to open the hostel portal and allow students book hostel since school resumed officially, well what can I say? It is only the private hostels that are opened and I happen to stay in one of them, they are about 12 private hostels in school and they are not even filled up yet, the main school hostels are not opened yet so school is not bustling at all. I just hope the school looks into this before it gets worse to the point of raping and armed robbery other than the Sub dean of the students affairs coming around to tell us not to move around at night!
Unilorin used to be safe at least from malicious people, I wonder what happened.
I am about to lie on my bed, I wonder what today would bring, I haven’t read any of the texts Dunmade asked us to read yet and I am still not in the mood for school, my whole body isn’t, my fingers trembled as I wrapped it around Corer Lucky pen, so loooooooong….

* * * 12:10pm 14-11-16
I just heard so this is like an addition, I was about to post this before I went to class but I couldn’t, so I heard some of our lecturers got assaulted by SSS last Wednesday for holding a meeting after being told by the school not to, well I asked if the meeting was a threat to the school’s administration and my question was answered in the positive, my fingers are crossed presently and I patiently wait for the events to unfold, the incident was so serious that there was police intervention. Well well I have a class now and full concentration is needed. Ciao!


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  1. AvatarT.piano

    Cool… But am still interested in that gist about the lecturer who was assaulted by SSS cos of holding a meeting

    1. KanzahKanzah Post author

      I don’t have enough information on that yet, I am still doing some findings but I am guessing it is something really serious.


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