Testing testing testing..

Imagine visiting your fiance’s parents for the first time and all that is going on in their heads is how they will test you. How they want to find out whether your wife material has strength, length and durability. Imagine getting told to perform ridiculous tasks because they want to test your home training.

Oya go and wash the street with your saliva, if it is sparkling that means you can accomplish the impossible and you are fit for our son.’

‘Take this 50 naira and buy soup, stew ingredients and meat. Let’s see whether you are good with home management.’
‘Wash the bathroom, toilet and kitchen, mop the floor and pound yam. Let’s see whether you are strong enough for our son.’

You would see your WCW with melting makeup as she sweeps, pounds, washes just because she wants to marry huzband. For wetin?

Nah huzband we wan marry we no kill pesin

You can get tested with a meatless soup or a bland meal and you are expected to finish it all without complaining and even kneel down to say thank you. That is to show them you can endure strong poverty when it hits their son. Eskiz me? Isn’t that a curse? Such backward mentality. Such poverty-stricken-unfortunate-scum-squashed mode of thinking. To be honest people who do that have small minds because I see no reason why a parent would put his/her future daughter-in-law through that rubbish. It is their types that would always be a looming presence in your marriage because their son manage to carry small kudi in his pocket. Nonsense poverty that bought pepper and forgot salt.

How many families have this silly testing helped? Apart from causing a strain in marriage when the girl that pretended to be good showed her true colours after getting married. How many families has it helped?

Funny thing is they won’t test future son-in-law that way which is gross injustice! Nobody deems it fit to test the man. So it is the woman that should be tested to determine whether she is worthy of getting married or not? Who say? Why not test the man too and see if he is a good cook. Why not test him and see how good of a home maker he’d be when the wife who is relegated to that role isn’t available. Why not ask him to prepare stew and cook her favourite meal so that you will know he can take care of her. I mean how can you entrust your daughter to a man who may not be well trained by his parents, someone who may not even know how to wash his boxers properly? Did you try giving him 100 naira to buy yam, potatoes, rice, beans, plantain and prepare 3 pots of rich stew? Why won’t he be tested to see if he won’t squander his wife’s finances.

Iz like brain is paining you people

It is always about the woman and her cooking and home making prowess. Why not test her mental prowess? Ask her intelligent questions and engage her in conversations covering politics, biology, psychology and the humanities. Test how well read she is. What about testing her with dollars and naira to know the one she’d go for?

I seriously doubt if I would sit through such ordeals if I ever find myself in that kind of situation. It’s not even possible. Things like that are more of a genetic problem, it will certainly ooze through the son and when one sees such it is better one drops such men like bad habits. I mean how can you expect me to pound yam in your house when I don’t pound yam in my parent’s house? How will you be telling me to turn into an emergency maid because I want to marry your son? Why will you be serving me a meal even a beggar would reject?

It is heartbreaking that it is mostly women (mothers, aunties, big sisters) who do the marriage testing thing the most. Talk about being against one another.

Why won’t they test the sexual prowess of their future daughter-in-law as well. Abi they have forgotten sex is also a riding force in determining how great a marriage would be? Did they bother testing the woman to find out how good she is in bed. Why don’t they hand her some bananas to test her headgame? How about testing her to determine whether she has the ability to twist and bend and whine waist.

We kuku sha won’t marry and chop food only. Shey we want to be mad ni

In my own opinion those kind of families don’t deserve to have you as a daughter-in-law. Good riddance to their bad rubbish.

Have you ever experienced marriage testing? Do you support marriage testing? My comment box is below.


  1. AvatarShining star

    I see you sis. Any mother in law that tries nonsense with me would later marry her son herself. Nonsense and ingredients!


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