Hello people. It’s me again. Let’s talk politics.

Hours ago, one of the Nigerian presidential aspirants Ms. Eunice Atuejide went on Twitter to express her distaste at the way female presidential aspirants got excluded. She followed it up with how she’s not a feminist and went on to state that she is not a feminist while asking rhetorically

The moment Ms. Atuejide tweeted this. Twitter let her have it, especially Twitter feminists. Of course there was strong backlash that came from both men and women. There was also immense support from both men and women.

Now let’s talk about Ms. Atuejide’s statement.

1 – I think she has every right to say what she wants to say because well, she knows herself best. She is an adult and is responsible for herself.

2 – Not everybody most especially WOMEN should identify as a feminist. WE CAN NOT ALL BE FEMINISTS! In fact WE SHOULD NOT ALL BE FEMINISTS because feminism won’t solve corruption, increase in poverty level or crimes. So you can’t expect Ms. Atuejide to become a feminist, as she said, nah by force? An independent successful woman need not be a feminist. She need not claim to be a feminist before she runs for a political office. You can’t force an ideology down everybody’s throat it’s not possible.

3 – The tag feminist has enough smear that a lot of women have started rejecting it. We see women who come out to say yes, they support equality and are against ill treatment of women but they are not feminists! We have seen independent and successful women who have said they are not feminists. We have seen female head of states say they are not feminists! This doesn’t mean they allow men or society treat them like dirt because they said they are not feminists! Women are out doing too much and blaming it on feminism. Of course a woman shouldn’t be shamed for having sexual cravings but there is a thin line between promiscuity and sexual freedom.

4 – Ms. Atuejide later joked about how she doesn’t understand the whole fuss about her not being a feminist while stating she is a very independent woman. Even though she vehemently get told to accept feminism because she shares it ideologies, it is not by force. Maybe this isn’t the best analogy but the fact that I believe in Jesus doesn’t make me a Christian. I do not go to the church neither do I say I am a christian.

Now let’s talk about the Twitter people who let Ms. Atuejide have it and where Ms. Atuejide erred.

1 – I think she need not have come to say she’s not a feminist. She could have tweeted about what happened and just leave it there. I honestly don’t think adding ‘I am not a feminist’ was necessary.

2 – Also, she is aspiring to lead the most populated country in Africa. She should have known better than tweeting statements that show her personal beliefs. There are some isms one should rather not give public opinions about in order to be neutral. I mean this is politics.

3 – With Ms. Atuejide exposure I thought she would have known feminism transcends cooking, saucy women and men opening car doors. She as many other hundreds of women keep falling upon a tiny patch of a huge canvas of what feminism is. Her tweet shows how poorly educated she is in what feminism is all about. This a flaw on her part.

4 – Ms. Atuejide should have known that her tweet would cause an outcry. I’m sure she knows and her expression of surprise is either a joke or an act of hypocrisy on her part. President Buhari and Donald get worse. Donald has gotten called moron or idiot for his tweet more than Kim Kardashian got called a no talent human. Buhari has been called a clueless old man more than Dino got called a political actor.

Her tweet gave every Tamuno, Dike and Haroon a platform to insult, aggressively try to impose an ideology on a presidential aspirant and show how ill-mannered and uncouth they can be. Imagine some saying they never planned to vote for her anyway and and she made things easier for them with her tweet.

We should strive to do better. As youths we should be well informed about diverse various of discuss other than the latest trends and the newest thing in vogue.

That is my own opinion people and it is not entirely right. What do you think of Ms. Atuejide’s tweet? Do you think she over did it? Or she is totally on the line for declaring which side of the fence she stands with. I await your responses.

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