Sometimes last week, Busola Dakolo’s narration of her rape in the hands of Pastor Biotin Fatoyinbo made the headlines. Different takes and opinioms about the issue were all over the internet. Protest group also went to show their displeasure and call for the rapist to be brought to book. It all reached a crescendo when Pastor Biodun eventually stepped down but that isn’t enough because there exists in thousands and hundreds of thousands women who have suffered sexual assault, sexual violence in the hands of men. Nigeria has a long history of being violent to women, physical and sexual violence are the major ones Nigerian women get to deal with on a daily basis. Let’s not forget verbal assault too which the men always lace with the ashawo, prostitute tag.

Nigeria hates women because how else can we explain Elisha Abbo’s assault on the woman who pleaded with him to take it easy in a sex toy shop. This monster slapped the woman multiple times whilst shouting and ordering his policeman to arrest her. Of course the policeman in the typical zombie fashion of military men taking orders like Fela sang about did what he was asked to do.

Nigeria hates women and pits them against one another because how else would we explain the unflinching support of the women whose husbands have been reported to have assaulted women. Is it Modele Fatoyinbo who staunchly defends her husband even though she has been fingered as aiding his nefarious activities or Madam Abbo who came to declare her husband innocent despite the video we all saw. Perhaps it is the technology that was used the video was probably doctored.

Nigeria hates women, no days goes by without news on babies getting defiled by deranged other men and not getting justice. How else would we explain the case of Aliyah who got raped recently in Ilorin or poor Khloe in Abuja? What exactly have women done to be at the receiving end of this gross assault.

Women who get violated either sexually, physically or verbally by men on higher authority are bullied into silence. Those who are afraid to speak up when they get assaulted sexually live with the pain and trauma for the rest of their lives while the rapist gallivants around without losing a sleep. Victims of sexual assault have to live with the stigma of being a raped victim, damaged goods, spoilt thing, broken human, tainted being because of society’s lopsided approach to how such situations should be dealt with.

Nigeria hates women because rapists, men who assault women and molesters still roam about freely, lurking around to prowl on another victim. Living behind a trail of women who would forever live with the trauma.

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