The nation wake up today to yet another strike by the National Labour Congress(NLC) and Academic Staff University Union(ASUU). Nothing’s changed because the strike is now part of being Nigerian. Everyone is accepting it with a shrug because well this is Nigeria. People already went about buying stuff in bulk yesterday if they could afford it. Workers now have to play the waiting game, ears glued to the radio, eyes on the TV waiting for news…the good one. But is the strike necessary? Of course it is. The strike by the NLC-ASUU is to make the government act and stop frustrating those who help in upholding the nation.
The NLC has suffered too much. What civil servants have gone through in the hands of the government is too much.

The labour congress keep going back and forth with the government over allowance and salaries, yearning to be paid better for their sweat and toil. Many have fallen sick and died. Some have become a shadow of themselves after wasting years waiting for e go better.

THIS IS A WAKE UP CALL TO SOME STATES THAT CANNOT GENERATE THEIR FUNDS: Some states are just states. They produce nothing and generate no tangible revenue for themselves rather they wait on the federal government for bailouts. This is a wake up call to such states to double their efforts

ASUU IS FIGHTING TO IMPROVE UNIVERSITIES: Federal universities cannot boast of the state of the art facilities to aid learning. Nigerian graduates are expected to be able to compete with their international counterparts but how can that be possible when all they do is practical? The lecturers who keep churning out graduates who are half baked are at the receiving end of the blame. The Nigerian government need to do better.

So why won’t workers strike? If the government is bent on frustrating them?

However an increase of the minimum wage in the case of NLC will not be really beneficial to the workers, this is due to the fact that an increase in salaries will result into the following:

IT WILL LEAD TO AN INCREASE IN INFLATION: Greedy business owners will want to eat their share of the new minimum wage. The pepper seller in the market will increase the price of tomatoes and rodo because the minimum wage has been increased. At the end of the day the civil servant will still suffer.

Nigeria’s annual inflation rate rose further to 11.28 percent in September of 2018 from 11.23 percent in August. It was the highest inflation rate since May, mainly due to higher cost of food.

ECONOMY WILL SPIRAL INTO A DOWNHILL: The economy will take a dive because Nigeria presently is not financially viable to pay such amounts of money to hundreds of thousands of workers.

The present minimum wage of #18,000 is not getting paid in some states, how will increased salaries be afforded by this same states?: Some civil servants have still not received their salaries when the wage was 18000 naira what will happen when their is an increase?

IT STILL WON’T BE ENOUGH: It will never be enough and the labour congress will come out again to request for an increment. Sooner or later the money will be more or less peanuts which will result into agitation again. Will another strike be the call of action then too? Will it fix it?

The strike action is totally unnecessary if we consider the following factors.

IT WILL PARALYZE BUSINESS ACTIVITIES: Most business activities will come to a standstill. I mean the workers are striking. Nobody is going anywhere. Nobody is going to work. The transporters of such workers will have to look for another means of making their facility broad. The women who sell bread, amala, rice and beans at offices will have no one to sell to.

CRIMES WILL INCREASE: When things go out of control during strike actions, people will start doing all sorts of shady businesses. This are the times you hear both the ridiculous and the shocking. You’d hear stories of someone stealing Semovita in the market because of hunger. Civil servants turning into robbers, kidnappers.

The striking is pointless because it will bring only more pain and suffering for Nigerians. The salary increase won’t solve anything for the civil servant. Even if the minimum wage get increased to 100,000 naira it would still mean nothing 5o the civil servant. What the country needs is to work towards increasing the Nigerian currency value.

That is what should be fixed and not the minimum wage.

How is the strike treating you? Do you think it is a necessary evil or an outdated mode or protest?

EDITED: I learnt the strike got called off few minutes after posting this.

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