My Grandmother and I were involved in a tiff about what white people do or do not do. Mind you both of us have never been to a white man’s land before.

It was about food, Grandma made a remark about how white people eat less than black people and I disagreed with her, I told her some white men eat less than some black people same way some white men eat more than some black people. She thought I was being rude but I was not, the generalization was what I had issues with.

I told her it would be bias to think only white people are picky when it comes to food, I told her about the obese people amongst the whites who cannot go a day without ingesting cans of soda and huge chunks of meat with three packs of greasy snacks on the side. She maintained her stance and said white people do not eat as much as black people do!. In as much as that remark was, should I say racist? I felt funny after our little argument because I realized there are still some people out there who like my grandmother think the white people is an epitome of good moral conduct.

They say “only a white man can give another man opportunity to work in a place that will make him (another man) successful” they say “a black man will never allow another man know the pathway to success because he would block it with stones and thorns” this is wrong. There are evil and envious white people who would do anything to see the downfall of another, there are greedy and lecherous white people, same way there are black people who would do everything within their power to help another.

When we think of white people only in this way, it contributes to the feeling of inferiority among we Africans or black people, we have likened the idea of the white man to that of an angel who does no evil, does not slip or err and we have accepted the role of Satan wholeheartedly, we even think white men do not practice black magic because he does not have a backward train of thought that would make him belief in Juju like we do, who has read Harry Potter?

We think only white people are good natured and treat everyone kindly, we think only white men excel at anything that has to do with science, we think only white men can make a breakthrough, we think only white people can invent new stuff, we think only white people handle projects better, we think white people do not cheat, we think, we think, we think because they are white. We think they are flawless but they are not.

Skin colour or race does not make people have certain characters, being melaninated is not a stain. You can be as white as snow with a heart that is cold and you can be as black as charcoal with a heart of gold.

The white man is not a supreme being and yes, white men get plenty mistakes for body!

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