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My Mother
My brave Mother
Who defied pains and brought me forth
My Strong Mother
Who worked odd jobs just to fill the shocking gap in my shoulder
My naive Mother
Who didn’t know which is and which isn’t, only accepting things as they are
I can swear I surpass her in knowledge related to men
My intelligent Mother
Who could make accurate additions and subtractions of money without a calculator
My Beautiful Mother
Who still caused stirs when she was fat, shapeless and heavy with Life
My Strong Mother
Who would carry a basin of Water on her head while each hands hold a bucket

My Mother the Healer
Who would mop my flaming head with cool therapeutic water
My mother the temperamental
Who would whip me with her spoon made of brass when I vex her so
My superstitious Mother
Who believed black cats are witches who have come to nibble at my flesh
My Mother the Mystic
Who initiated me into the close mouthed sisterhood
I chewed meats with sources unknown
She shakes her beaded staff
As I licked my fingers in satisfaction
My Mother the Wise
My Mother the Unyielding
She won’t give up on her precious
My Mother who patiently waits for her flowers planted by the Riverside to Bloom.

:Abdulazeez kaothar

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