In a world where the youths get swayed by the social media and fancy gadgets, where majority wake up daily just to concoct stories on Twitter or show off on Instagram, here is one who has refused to tow the ways of others.

Oladejo Habib

Meet Oladejo Habib, a graduate of the University of Ilorin who uses poetry to discuss the issues in the society. What amazes me most about is work is his brilliant graphological arrangement of the words to suit his mood or what he is talking about.

Here is one of them, titled ‘My Encounter’

He shows his marxist self in this one titled ‘Failure’

Take note of the construction of the arrangements of the words above,seen it? Yes that’s why I am marveled.

Like the Yorubas say, a delicious soup is served in little quantities. More of Oladejo Habib’s poems shall come your way next week. You can follow him on Instagram @omo_oriola to see more of his works.

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