It’s a brand new day…halleluyah.

D and I kept each other company last night on WhatsApp after I won him on every iMessage games we played. We kept exchanging funny memes, news, opinions and conspiracy theories regarding the virus. D said it is not a bio weapon and it just happened. Well, I believe it is a bio weapon that was intentionally released to reduce earth’s population. I made references to movies, books with similar world control themes. He mentioned his mother’s warning about the end times.

D ❤️: Mumsie has been telling me to read my bible religiously that Jesus is coming and my old man sent a WhatsApp broadcast that defines COVID-19 as Christ Over Viruses & Infectious Diseases.

Me: Scrimm!!! Omg why are parents like that? My mum said I should boil limes and drink every morning. Lol. 

D ❤️: Ikr? Mumsie said ‘only the saved will be safe.’

Me: Really?

D ❤️: Yeah.

Me: Did you tell her she is wrong though?

D ❤️: About what?

Me: Being saved and all. That thinking is ignorant.

D❤️: My own mother? Ignorant?

Me: I didn’t call her that but her thinking is dangerous!

D❤️: Yeah but you are the right one with the word order fallacies? 

D❤️: World* See come down from your high horse and see the bigger picture.

Me: What bigger picture?

D❤️: Forget.

D❤️: Talk to you later.

I tried his number immediately and in his usual fashion, he didn’t pick the first time and when I tried again. He has switched off his phone. Typical D.

I scrolled through my Twitter TL but the updates on coronavirus were overwhelming so I logged off for my mental health. I lay on my bed pondering on what the stats would be by April, I thought of how things may change or not. I wondered how long the lockdown would be for. I thought of my mum, who, when I called, sounded grumpy on the phone and complained about being indoors.

‘It’s for your safety’

‘Safety keh? It’s the new lace Alhaja Khadijat just supplied me that is even paining me. Shey you know this woman inflated her price? If not because of corona I would have ordered from Imran straight. I haven’t even sold one before they say ‘everybody stay inside’ Ehn ehn they have postponed Titilope’s wedding till November o…’ my mum went off moving seamlessly from one topic to another. It was as if she listed all she had to say in front of her and she was picking them one after the other. When we exchanged our goodbyes my airtime was as good as finished.

What to do? What to do? I walked aimlessly from my bedroom to my living room back to my bedroom and then living room. Thinking about it, D was actually wrong for saying this place is too big for me and I’d get tired of all the space. I can’t imagine being in a place that will make me feel like I was choking. I turned on the TV and pondered on what to watch on Netflix then I got fed up and turned off the T.V. I can’t bear to watch the news else I see new updates on the number of deaths related to coronavirus. I opened my window and gazed at the hibiscus planted in the compound. I pretended I was in a music video and stared wistfully at the hibiscus plant. Maybe I should just go and sit outside.I grabbed my phone and earpiece, wore shorts under my basketball jersey and perched on the pavement in front of my flat. I could hear Kizz Daniel crooning from my neighbour’s flat. Not everyone is having a boring quarantine like me. I was about to plug in my earpiece when the music stopped and a loud hiss followed.

‘Nepa una papa penis!!!’

A feminine laughter tumbled out, rich, warm and lively. ‘Omar you don craze finish’ she said as she laughed. Inaudible sentences followed and I shut them out with my earpiece. I was reading the latest gossip on INSTABLOG9JA when Omar and his lover came out. They both waved at me and went to grab a plastic chair each from the pile beside the garage. They also grabbed pieces that made up the plastic table and fixed it. Then I saw his lover bring out a ludo set. They got down to business and I got down to reading other people’s business. 


I removed my earpiece ‘what?’

‘Do you mind joining us? And is it Towla or Tola?’ His lover asked. She is a dark skinned, petite lady with full lips. Her slant eyes made her look Asian.

‘It’s Tola but Omar has refused to listen’ I shrugged.

‘Oh he can be an ass. I’m Oreoluwa, you can call me Ore, so do you mind?’ She gestured at the ludo.

‘Okay’ I grinned shyly, happy that they invited me and feeling awkward at the same time. The nasty thoughts about Omar I keep forcing out of my head for the past few days made me nervous. I hope it isn’t all over my face. I went to grab a chair and joined them.

Ore won the first round, I won the second and we both had a field day trolling Omar wack ludo skills.

‘I didn’t know you were this bubbly sha.’ Ore said suddenly when Omar went in to get us some drinks.

‘Oh’ I said and began fiddling with the dice.

‘And you are so beautiful, why do you like keeping to yourself that much?’ Ore has a firm voice like she is scolding you. She looked straight at me while my eyes look everywhere but hers.

‘I am not really comfortable around people. I don’t even have friends.’ I tossed two dices on the ludo and got a double six.

‘Will you look at that!’ She exclaimed In excitement like I just announced I was donating a billion to coronavirus relief. ‘Anyways’ she continued still looking at me. ‘I thought you had an attitude you know.’

‘I don’t’

‘Then I thought maybe you once had an history with Omar.’

‘Wait what?’ I chuckled and then I remembered Omar’s penis imprint and my neck became hot. I swallowed my saliva and shook my head to shake off the thoughts.

She grinned mischievously and held out her hand for the dices. She lingered and started stroking my fingers. Then she stopped when Omar came out with the drinks.

‘Supplies!’ He announced.

Omar dropped the drinks and an opener on the table. He was about to sit when a call came in. He carried his drink and phone and went in. We heard him speaking the gbagyi language few minutes after. His language was like a mix between Nupe and Hausa, at least to my ears. Ore kept laughing as he spoke.

‘His language is so funny.’

When he came back out he was typing on his phone, he uncorked his drink with his teeth and leaned against his flat wall as he gulped it down.

‘Ignore him he is a bush man.’ She used an opener for hers and ignored my outstretched hand and proceeded to open mine too. ‘Cheers?’ she said with raised eyebrows as if she was challenging me to say no. ‘Oh cheers yeah’ I said and clinked my bottle against hers. Ore stared deep into my eyes as she swallowed. I was too stunned to look away this time and I stared back. She gave me a toothy grin, winked and then beckoned at Omar to come join the next round.

Episode 3



  1. AvatarOssay

    Haha why do I feel this Ore babe is Bi’ tabi she is using scope to call Tola to come do threesome 😂😂

  2. AvatarFk

    I love this series but the suspense is killing me o! Ore Ore!!! A threesome is coming right up. Keep it up girl, waiting for the next post.

  3. AvatarGood_bad guy

    I did not even see what I wanted to see sef.. The title you gave can be deceiving Sha… No sex part yet joor…. Biko put some live porn in the next series

  4. AvatarSakura

    Twitter brought me here and I’m sooooooo glad. When will you bless us with the next one please?

  5. AvatarBibi

    This Ore babe is up to something, either she’s bi or she wants a threesome. When is the next series come out?

  6. AvatarChi

    This is too good, so exciting. The kind of books I love. I can’t wait for the next one.

    To the author: You created magic. 😍😍


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