Hit me baby one more time.

So, in a strange turn of events Ore and I became cordial. She calls at my flat from time to time. Sometimes she comes with Omar however he doesn’t linger or go through my stuff like Ore. He maintains a respectful distance and cracks dry jokes that I laugh heartily to. I am such a weirdo. Lol.

He has also stopped calling me Towla he now calls me Toola. I guess I will have to put up with the  mispronunciation of my name for a long time. 

Yesterday when Ore sauntered into my apartment, this time without Omar in tow. She gave me a knowing look before blurting out ‘I saw your vibrator the other day.’

‘Oh?’ I felt nothing. ‘Big Chief’ I shrugged it off.

‘Big kinni? Who names a vibrator Big Chief? Anyways, is it any good though? Can a toy replace a man?’ She gave me that her signature stare daring me to counter her opinion. 

‘I believe people have their interests sha’ I was getting pissed with her nosiness and high handedness. Abeg abeg she should come and be going. 

Sori o Sisi Tola, anyways Omar is going out to get some provisions at the supermarket. I came to ask if you needed anything?’

Ei Thank God! My milk has finished oooo please let me write a list!!!’ I tore out a jotter hurriedly and began to scribble down the various things that have depleted in my cabinet. I opened my fridge and quickly scanned through it, okay more eggs, sardines, I still have butter yeah. Okay uhm do I really need more jam? I was contemplating whether to buy more sanitary pads or just make do with the six packs I have left when my phone rang. It was definitely D because I attached a special ringtone to his number.

‘Oh wow’ I muttered. I gave the jotter to Ore who collected it and then mouthed ‘money’

‘oh sorry please’

I was confused because I didn’t want to miss D’s call and I want her and her wahala out of my flat already. I gave her my ATM card and told her the pin is 4444.

She looked like she was about to ask some questions but thought better of it. She left my room and I dived in time to retrieve my phone before it stoppped rigning. 

‘Hey stranger’ 

‘Hello D.’

‘So are you pissed at me?’

‘Pissed?’ I snorted ‘you were the one who ignored me for two days! Two days D! How can you ignore my calls for two whole days? What exactly did I do wrong?’ I gesticulated wildly. 

‘I am sorry, actually, the thing is… I overreacted yeah? I realized I was the one who fucked up. I get pretty defensive when I perceive disrespect towards my mother.’

‘D are you for real? Why will I disrespect your mother? Wha- of all things?’ I was lost for words.

‘Heyyyy baaaabe, I am sorry I admit I was the one who overreacted okay? Can we drop this please?’ His deep voice made my belly warm and I began to melt.

‘So how is my favourite girl doing?’

I began to smile sheepishly and all my hard girl exterior gave way to sweet baby girl. Chei I am such a mumu

D and I eventually made up and exchanged sweet nothings on the phone for almost an hour. I hung up with a satisfied smile on my lips which disappeared the moment Ore called out my name. 

What does this witch want this time? 

I opened the door to see her smiling while holding two shopping bags. 

‘I brought your stuff’ she held the shopping bags up so I could see ‘So apparently you gave Omar the wrong pin. He had to call me to come ask you the correct pin but you were busy and…’ she left her words hanging, ignored my outstretched hands for the bags and moved towards my kitchen. 

My neck went hot. I hope it wasn’t when I was saying dirty things to D. They really sent this girl to me. 

‘I am so sorry, geez, I gave you my Zenith card! GT is the one with the 4444 pin. I am so so so sorry. Let me make a transfer please’ I pulled out my phone from my pocket as I followed her into the kitchen. 

‘Okay please give me your details’ I sent her the money immediately and made to arrange the stuff they helped me get. 

‘I got you something you may need though.’ She smiled mischievously and motioned for me to check the shopping bag. I had almost emptied the bag before I saw it. 

Really?! This She-devil got me batteries for my vibrator! That felt so intrusive. 

‘Okay… but why though?’ I felt uneasy and uncomfortable.

‘I thought it may come in handy. I mean I’d be frustrated if I was in your shoes…and this afternoon’ Hahah so she heard me? Great! ‘Girl your case is pathetic how can you say you will risk Corona just to suck a dick?! Corona kills and it is serious! That dick can wait.’ She had a mocking smile on her face which didn’t make all she said judgey.

‘Okay. Thanks.’ I expected her to leave but she stood still beside my fridge staring at me. ‘You won’t test it?’


‘To see if it works’ she laughed ‘what if they sold expired batteries to Omar. Let’s see if it works. I’m curious to see Big Chief’

I went inside my room and she followed me. Does this lady understand privacy? I ignored her though and inserted the batteries and then flipped it on. 

‘Oh weeeeeeeee’ she screamed in excitement as the vibrator buzzed. ‘That was epic’ 

‘Yep.‘ I left the sex toy on the bed and moved to return back to the kitchen. She stood right at the doorway refusing to let me pass. ‘Okay what now?’

‘What what? You don’t have to play hard to get you know.’ 

‘What are you on about?’ I raised my brows

‘It’s okay. This is a safe place. Omar went back out to get fuel for the generator tonight. It’s just us here okay’

‘Okay??? I need to go arrange those stuff you brought. I hate leaving things disorganized.’

‘Tola’ she touched me. Soft hands!. Do I have soft hands too? Was her hands soft the other day we played ludo? She touched my cheeks and stroked the nape of my neck. ‘Do you know what is beautiful?’ She asked staring into my eyes.

‘What?’ My throat was clogged and my vagina was throbbing. This is embarrassing. I don’t even understand. 

‘A woman…women are beautiful.’ She trailed my lips with her fingers and then she kissed me. She held my head tenderly as she kissed me. 

Mayday! mayday!! Kabdhsoiah! Wazz happening? I donnno. Okayyyyyyy her lips are soft, hmmmm she tastes like wait… lemon? Yes lemon, fleshy lemon. Hmmmmmm. The kissing stopped as abruptly as it began. I was reeling. 

I felt like I needed to say something so I stuttered ‘that wasss wassaasaaa aweso…so…some’ I gave her a thumbs up. I was giddy. She smiled at me sweetly and pushed me towards the bed.

‘Wanna have some fun?’ She grinned down at me.

‘Yusss’ I responded still giddy. I didn’t know what was happening and I don’t care to understand but I knew I was suddenly naked. Then she was naked and it was another intense make out session again. 

I was flying. ‘To hell with D! To hell with his Mama!!! To hell with everybody!!!!!’

Ore’s tongues glided from my lips to my nips to my navel and back up smoothly. Damn! I kept going in and out of consciousness. I am not even exaggerating. Ore sucked my toes!!! Toes get sucked?!!! Since when? Oh my God. I was tilting. She went back up and began to play with my nipples. Out of the blues an intense sweet hotness washed over me. I tingled from my nipples down to my vagina and back up. I found myself yelling

‘What was that? What the fuck was that!!’

‘That was an orgasm I guess.’ Ore’s voice was thick with desire.

‘From where? My nipples?!’ I was bewildered.


‘What? What is happen-ni-ning? What did…oh shit!!!’ I swallowed my words when Ore began to do things with her tongue to my clitoris. I stopped thinking. My head stopped functioning and I zoned in and out. I was flying. I saw colours then everything went pitch black. 

Her laughter brought me back, when my vision cleared I saw her grinning between my thighs. Her face was shining. 

‘Ready for more? You sweet little thing.’ She didn’t wait for me to respond. She turned on Big Chief, gave me a wicked smile and whispered ‘try not to scream.’

Ore began to glide the vibrator around my clitoris. When I felt myself on he brink of another orgasm I motioned for her to stop as I always do when I am at the peak. She grinned instead and alternated the tempo of the vibrator. I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I died while screaming myself hoarse. 


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    Ouuu this is the episode we’ve been waiting for!!! Can’t wait for Omar and his Hausa D to come into the equation. Or will it be D’s D? Patiently waiting to find out😆


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