How did I get here? 

It’s been 3 months since D and I saw each other…physically. The frequent video calls and selfie exchanges helped a bit but it is not the same thing. I wish we were together especially in this period. How long is the lockdown going to last? What should I do with myself till then? Way before the coronavirus outbreak, all I wanted was to run away from adult responsibilities and go sit on his face. If I had no bills to pay trust me to dump all I am doing and go get me some dick. Now talking about dicks, my neighbour has been having a field day. If I didn’t know better I’d think a pornography director is shooting next door because the moans have been nonstop. No cap.

Last night their moans kept me awake till 2am. When I eventually fell asleep I had vivid sexual dreams. I was getting a massage from strong masculine hands. He kneaded my shoulder blades and trailed his fingers to my lower waist then went back up. I grinned in delight when he began to knead my buttcheeks, my grin gave my way as my lips formed an O as I tilt towards the big O when he went lower and started teasing my… THEN I WOKE UP! Sweaty and frustrated! To more moans from my neighbour’s room! God! Have I not suffered enough?

I sent a message to D rambling about my neighbour’s sex marathon and the dream and how I wish I could fly to Lagos.

Then I plugged in my earpiece and tried to fall back asleep. 

2 chimes from my phone woke me around 8. It was a message from my lover.

‘No please. Don’t risk it.’

‘Why don’t you touch yourself then?’

Is he for real? Hasn’t it been established already that touching myself only sets me over the edge.

‘No.’ I was furious with him already for not remembering. 

‘What about Big chief? It should help at least?’

Big chief was my vibrator and big chief can’t help because I have no batteries for it. 

‘Told ya Big chief’s batteries spoilt and I forget to get new ones. See, stop with this unecessary talk talk abeg. Mtcheew’ I hit send with anger and dumped my phone on the bed. I should channel my energy elsewhere, I finally settled on doing my laundry. I was spreading my clothes on the line when Omar came out. He was shirtless save for the grey joggers he was wearing. The bucket he held was filled with female undies.

‘Well done, let me jezz stay here o. Social distancing fah’ he flashed his teeth after saying this. He must have thought he made sense.

Oni shina radarada, wanton fornicator, see his stupid smug face’ I thought before giving him a weak smile. He began to arrange the contents of his bucket on the line and the look of contentment on his face made me want to slap the taste out of his mouth. My anger made me bang my right hand against the iron rod holding the line and I yelped in pain.

‘Are you okay?’

Fool. Does it look like I’m okay? ‘Hnuuuh’ I mumbled something while tears welled in my eyes. 

‘Hey? I can help with the rest of that if you don’t mind.’ Omar said moving towards me.

I vigorously shook my right hand to set off the pain before telling him no and then thanked him for offering.

‘No wahala’ he said and began clipping the panties and bras. ‘His girl is shameless sha’ I thought inwardly because I’d rather eat ass than spread my intimate wears outside. D used to tease me for being such a prude. Neither his taunting nor his different articles on why panties need heat will ever make me spread my undies, most especially my pants outside. It’s like me spreading my vagina apart in public and touching my clitoris to play with it. No! 

I went back in to meet missed calls and gazillion WhatsApp messages from D. By then, I was less angry with him, with myself, with Omar, with the iron rod. I picked immediately when he called back again and his voice turned my body to butter. We went back and forth, telling each other in different ways how much we want to fuck each other senseless. We went from phone call to video call which ended with his jizz almost landing on his phone screen. It felt good to him but it wasn’t the same for me. Why is orgasm so easy for men? The sight of his penis however aesthetically and sexually pleasing it was has never made me orgasm. Sure I feel slight tingles but it doesn’t make me crazy horny like my body makes him. Staring at my boobs is enough to make D cum. One time we were having dinner when he came over to Abuja for a meeting, I was wearing a plunging neckline dress. D ruined his briefs just from the watching me eat. In his defense ‘they are so succulent, big, very very yellow and perfect.’

When we eventually ended the video call with proclamation of love for each other. I surfed through Netflix for a movie to watch. D is definitely going to sleep after that, I have no friend to chat up because I don’t keep them. I fell asleep while watching Money heist that it took me a while to hear Omar knocking on my door.

‘Towla! Towla!’ He called out in his usual corrupt way of pronouncing my name Tola. I opened the door to see him holding all my clothes and the compound drenched with rain. 

‘Oh my God… I didn’t even…. thanks’ I was disoriented because I sprang up from bed and raced to the door to open it. I opened my door wider and awkwardly motioned to the love couch for him to drop my clothes. 

‘Thank you. Sorry sorry sorry’ I effusively said. I felt a bit guilty for insulting him and his lover in my head. He gave me thumbs up after dropping my stuff and said he came earlier to inform me to come pack them but when he didn’t hear a response he went to pack them because he figured I was asleep. ‘Thanks’ I said again before locking my door. 

A light knock came few minutes after. ‘Yeah?’

‘It’s Omar.’

I opened the door and he was holding my black blazer ‘I think they dropped while I was bringing them.’ 

‘Oh thanks.’

‘Ya welikom’ he says as he gave me the thumbs up again. That was my undoing. My eyes somehow went to his crotch area and it’s a snake!

He walked back to his flat and I stood for some minutes digesting what I just saw. I have heard of northern men packing serious meat but I thought that only applied to Hausa men and Omar has staunchly said he is Gbagyi not Hausa sooo. Omg omg. 

I find myself wondering if that was his erect size? His flaccid size? Is he bigger than D? I went to bed that night with my strong will not to touch myself to Omar threatening to fail.

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  1. AvatarZaq

    Wow. Just wow. Is it weird that I can’t wait for the next post to drop. The suspense is killing me. Amazing piece

  2. AvatarChinenyenwa

    My body was just doing me tinini tinini as I was reading this . Go Tola we got your back!

  3. AvatarStranger

    Lovely storyline, the way you morph from each line to the, ability to keep the readers glued and ensure they feel like being next to you at the scene is supreme.
    Very much exciting 😁😁😂
    Love it


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