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Hello, it’s me.

No, I am not about to narrate one of those stupid dreams of mine again, nope. But I woke up with a purpose today, to unlearn some things.

It is shocking when you realize that some things you have always stood up for are lies, reality is rude, it just sets in without giving you a heads up first.

Also, I am trying to learn that putting myself first and not letting anybody trample on me is important, I used to think I have no self-esteem issues, you know this cool chic that has her own thing going on for her? Yeah that was what I thought until I reevaluated my life. I realized I had not only been feed some shit, I even requested for an extra plate! I gave power to some people to mistreat me and do with me as they please, I make myself look desperate for their approval and attention when they are supposed to be the one anxiously waiting for my attention. I was too caught in the need to be good as the Miss goody two shoes I IS!

Well well well, since I have known that now, I am taking that power back from every one of them and harnessing it for myself, I am a woman with a purpose, there is a way I want people to treat me. I don’t care if you like me or not but you MUST respect me. And don’t even think respect only comes with the “please, sorry, thank you” sprinkled with Mas and Sirs and coos and cowering. It goes further than that. But you wouldn’t realize on the surface you are being disrespected until you go back to some things.

Dearest Kanzahnians you are so worth it. I know we get those motivational words sing into our ears every time but do you know that when you start to elevate yourself and give yourself some worth, naturally everybody will rise up to the standard you have set for yourself. If you act like you deserve mink and silks, nobody will offer you rags. Act like the Queen and King you think you are, let them put some respeck on that name mehn.

I am a Goddess, and yes, I deserve to be worshipped and not subjugated.
Have a beautiful day. Kisses.


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