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Moral decay, these were the words that came to my head when I heard all that had been happening right under my nose without my inkling, moral decay, a citadel of learning and character is crumbling to pieces and vultures are pecking at what is left of the ruins. 
     Imagine looking  forward to being a university student, the freedom that comes with it, the fun, the realization, the idea of you being actually free and living like an adult for the first time, the thrill of being away from home, all this thoughts later falling like overripe mangoes that had overstayed their time on a tree after getting picked at by birds that chose to destroy ripe juicy fruits without intending to eat them. 
     Three weeks in the University opened my eyes to the injustice, maltreatment and molestation in a school viewed by many as BETTER BY FAR , the so called war against immorality which mostly focused on students dressing appropriately is nothing but an avenue for randy old smelling men with rotten teeth to assault unlucky girls that fall victims to their tricks, they stop you at the walkway demanding why you are wearing a knee length gown with stripes instead of an ankle length gown with dots, poking your breasts under the pretense of rebuking you for what you are wearing, and you, oblivious to their assault would plead feverishly for fear of your tag getting seized, or worse being expelled from school because of what? INAPPROPRIATE DRESSING!  I scoff everytime I come across banners in school warning students about how to dress or not to dress on campus, I used to salute that banner before but now I just hiss and walk by, “lies” I would say to myself. 
    The security men in school do not know how to protect but harass, embarrass, assault, delay and threaten students, encroaching on their rights and denying them of their rights, students got dragged by their collars, pulled by their Trousers, seized by their ID card just because they have bushy hair, are sagging or they are not with their ID card, whatever the baseless or solid reason, no student deserves to be treated like an animal, I was a witness to an incident of a security man and a school bus driver flogging students who are struggling to enter a subsidized school transport due to the hot sun beating their heads, in a bid to escape headache they got assaulted physically while the security man said it served them right when he got confronted by a cadet. The school is not secure, the security men have abandoned their real work to go hunting for girls with high slits and cape blouses but who is to blame for their mediocrity and foolishness if not the school and the students with conditioned brains who are scared to speak up lest they got sent home, what is there to expect from lean, almost dead old men with baggy shorts and faded uniform who look as if they are a step away from their graves , men who need protection getting entrusted with the protection of 36,000(thirty six thousand) students? Men who barely have primary school education speaking to an undergraduate as though he is not worth more than a mangy dog with rabies? 
   Hush Hush Hush, goes scandals and rumours about authorities and tutors, their ill treatment of students get unreported, abuse of students rights get swept under the carpets, injustice get covered up with one or two meetings and the embittered students live with the frustration throughout the four or five years he or she has to spend in school, or more, rendered crippled with the inability to fight back, girls who spent hours in offices of lecturers on tables standing or kneeling as their pride get pumped away for credits or in rare cases for cash, moral decay! 
     Potentials and talents of students get doused with endless assignments with referral to the library that is getting thinned out with thefts, tests with the same depressing scores, classes that depresses you further, where you could not say your mind as you wish to over a subject as very few lecturers allow that, they prefer you swallowing their tales about their lives and few talks here and there about the subject, giving you assignments at the end of the class on what you were barely taught and expecting you to research and find out  without an headway! You are lucky when you could sit comfortably in class, that is if you did not punch and jab at your enemies and friends alike for a comfortable seat, any seat and if you are unfortunate enough to stand for two hours, you hear and see nothing except human breath, armpit smell, unwashed hair and the pungent aura of frustration, dissatisfaction, discomfort, disappointments all in a pervading atmosphere of confusion. The students sight are narrowed to the Myopic, opportunity to dream aside academics is stifled down, life seems busy in school even while you are doing nothing, there is nothing like fun in school, except interfaculty dances and talent competitions that gives you nothing but headache and sad amusements, as you would return to your hostel with heavy hearts worried about  the time you have wasted at lecture theatre 2 which could have been spent reading chapter three of a GNS textbook that you do not even understand but just glancing through because of the exams… La cram, La pour. 
   We have been reduced to walking carcass, carcasses that get released into the society after four or five years, carcasses that barely have dreams except finding a job in an office and joining the bandwagon for Labour struggle, carcasses that get their potentials killed as anything aside being a scholar is considered a threat to the school, carcasses that are frustrated and have resorted to drugs and other substances to ease their frustrations, carcasses that have nothing to show for the years they spent in school except paper…. and nothing else, carcasses of a ruined institution,that is what we are!  And we are not better by far, we are better by Failure! 


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13 thoughts on “RUINS OF A GREAT INSTITUTION (1)

  1. AvatarT.piano

    If only our voices can be heard I will be so happy…. We are not in secondary school for tori olohun.. Don’t even knw what I’ll tell my children if asked how my university days looked like?

  2. Avatarcomeforth

    it’s high time we let them know that we are not slaves neither prisoners. We ought to get maximum value for the fees paid and the years spent…we all have the right to proper education in and out of the classroom. our lives cannot be filled with only talks in the classroom as the outside world is not just about that. Thanks Kansah for this masterpiece. This should go places.

    1. kanzahadminkanzahadmin Post author

      Comeforth you mention we, “we” can only be possible if students would come together and join forces, not a situation whereby some set would chicken out at the end of the day.

  3. AvatarJuliet

    This is it, this is as it should be rather than being indifferent, folding our hands and continueing in suffering. Fear has taken over our reason…powerless we have become. Thumbs up dear, power on.


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