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It was a beautiful Saturday morning the day Teniola’s gist broke the Internet. A serene kind of day when businesses are attended to with flourish, when families take their time in doing their chores, when even the cars snake their way through the curves and bends of every road with patience. When those who have Owambes to attend strut out off their houses in grandeur.

The Cokers all went about their business oblivious to the fact that another scandal is about to befall their family. Yeye busied herself with phone calls as she orders the servants around. She escorts them everywhere they go with curses and insults, she barks at every little thing just as their Rottweiler, Jimmy does. Otunba, was out of town on one of his charity visits, he traveled to Benue to condole with those who were rendered homeless by the flood. He was shown on TV making a pledge of 5 million naira and a trailer of foodstuff to be shared among those who were affected. Olarinde, Otunba’s eldest son squinted beneath his glasses as he played video games in the palatial sitting room, from time to time the insults and curses from his mother to the servants find their way to the sitting room where he sat. He is a quiet, unassuming teenager. Withdrawn and overly suspicious, he enjoys his own company better. His sister Teniola mocks him for this, she always whisper ‘AS’ to him when their parents were around or ‘Antisocial’ whenever they are both alone.

Teniola was busy sorting through her wardrobe for the perfect outfit to wear for a date when her phone chimed. It was a text message from an unknown number.

‘We have some dirt on you, we think you should know’ It read

Her brows rose in apprehension and she sent a text asking who it was. Her phone chimed again. ‘It is the evil eye’

Hissing, she threw her phone on the piles of clothes on the floor and continued the search for the perfect date outfit. Teniola’s wardrobe is every girl’s dream wardrobe, a walk in closet with the latest designer outfits, shoes, bags and makeup items.

She sighed when she tried on an outfit in front of the mirror, what she thought the white crop top and shorts would look like wasn’t what it looked like. She rolled her eyes again as she surfed through the clothes she had poured on the floor, she tried on another outfit, a sheer yellow off-shoulder top with blue pleated skirts.

‘I look like blue band margarine’ she chuckled to herself. She continued the search for the perfect yet decent outfit, she needs to impress Yomi Nelson, the guy who has been pestering her for months for a relationship. Even though Teniola likes him, she would have preferred he wants a no strings attached relationship instead, she wasn’t ready to be loyal to one man. Life is sweet and she’s still grooving.

Eventually, she settled for a black dress, the dress is a gift from her mother for her 22nd birthday. It has lacy design from the shoulder to the chest, well fitted from the chest to the waist and flared from the waist down. The dress stops just a little above her knee but it is one of the most decent of all her clothes.

‘Hmmm hmmm, hot sauce. You can never go wrong with a little black dress’ she said to herself in the mirror. She was contemplating whether to wear gold stilettos with it or go for a classic black pump when her phone rang. It was one of her friends, Amaka.

‘Baby girl, what’s up now?’

‘Teni! Have you heard?!’ Amaka screamed into the phone. ‘Heard that? Is Florence dead? Hahahaha’ she laughed. Florence is a girl she fought with at Club Santos over a yahoo boy.

‘Noooooo, your picture is on a blog. Omg!!!’

Teniola smiled, ‘are you serious? Baddest! I am getting popular. Wow, is it Linda Ikeji? Ehn?’

‘Linda where! It is your nude pictures. It is really messy… Mhalsbdnjd’ Amanda’s voice cracked and the call disconnected. Teniola broke out in cold sweat as if a bucket of ice has just been poured on her head. The closet suddenly began to choke her. She trembled as her phone chimed again, it was a text message and it contains a link to a blog

She clicked on the link and came face to face with different photos of someone who looks like her, but it was actually her, stark naked and posed in various provocative positions. It reads;


Here is Teniola Coker or Teni Coker your Woman Crush Wednesday who is actually a Woman Curse Wednesday. She was papped giving a man old enough to birth her a BJ recently at the famous Eko Hotel and Suites. We don’t know why she does this because her parents are rich but money doesn’t buy morals they say. While she is supposed to be in school studying, she is on her back, legs up 24/7, hopping with your dads from one hotel to another. We heard Teniola’s vagina is laced with gold and coated with honey. That is why your sugar daddy, daddies and boyfriends want to die there. Teniola’s runs is on a big scale as she doesn’t play with chickens because she prefers cocks a lot.

Have you ever wondered why her knees are dark? Many call it a failed bleaching attempt but it is actually because she’s perpetually on her knees showing her sugar daddies why they call her the headmaster. Dear Teniola, hope your friend, Cynthia Acholonu knows you were the one who accompanied her dad on his last trip to Miami? Tell Nana, your Ghanaian friend how you convinced her dad to buy you a Range Rover Sport Utility. Shameless Teniola who fought her friend publicly over a yahoo boy. Teniola the cocaine addict, Teni Coke! Leave married men alone and face your studies!

The phone fell from her hands as she let out a muffled scream, she began to hyperventilate and rushed out of the closet. She stumbled upon her brother who looked on confused as she ran towards their mum’s bedroom. Olarinde heard his mother issuing threats on phone to an invisible person, he shrugged as he poured himself some cold mango juice and returned to the sitting room to continue his game. His phone beeped and he ignored it, then it beeped again and again. It won’t stop beeping and it got irritating, he paused the game to check what it was and he saw notifications from Instagram and twitter. His friends had tagged him in some posts, eager to know what could be that important or interesting, he clicked on the first tag and it referred him to Instablog9ja page. It was a nude picture of a very beautiful girl, her breast and pubic region was blurred, he was about to screenshot it so he could use it for some personal purposes later when he looked at the face of the girl again. It was his sister!

He checked through the rests of the tags and realized they were all referring to the picture. He logged off Instagram immediately, switched off his phone and continued with the game like nothing happened.

Far away, in a dark room, Evil eye smiled benignly as the phone on the table vibrated. Leaving the computer to pick up the phone on the table, the smile became a wide toothy grin when Evil eye discovered a huge sum of money have been credited into the Evil eye account. Evil eye went back to the computer and began to work on the next scandal.

‘Darling Chisom, I hope you would survive this, eheheheh.’ Evil eye said as Evil eye typed.


2 thoughts on “RUMOUR HAS IT – EPISODE 5

  1. AvatarOluwatosin

    Hmmm can’t wait to find out who evil eye is and I really love Olarinde’s reaction to the whole scandal stuff….. Keep the story flowing baby👍


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