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‘We hail you Mother of darkness!’ A lone voice echoed through the night. ‘Mother of darkness we hail thee’ voices replied the lone voice. It was the third day of October, the day every member of the Ngolo Ngolo cult must feast with the Mother of darkness. The cult which is a brotherhood of those who are rich, powerful and unquestionable or those who wish to be hosts it members in the deepest part of a mighty forest in the south east. It members who consist of people from the east, west, north, south south all leave their family, appointments to meet at the feet of the Mother of darkness. Who are they to refuse the call when she made them who they are?

They all tied shiny black wrappers around their waist and left their chest bare. Saggy stomach, rotund ones, hairy chest, bony chest with ribs protesting all rose up in unison to chant the praises of the Mother of darkness. The Supreme leader wore a distinct red gown, head shaved clean save for three white lines drawn in the middle of her head. She is a large woman with the largest hips everyone of them have ever seen but they have gotten used to it the same way they have gotten used to accepting a woman as their leader.

‘You have all come again’ she said to no one in particular. ‘Yes we have’ the voices said again in unison.

She spread her legs wide and they watch as water drip from between her thighs. The pot of life gurgles as it contents cooked without a visible fire.

One by one they scoop the water that drips from the Supreme leader’s body and took a piece of meat each from the pot of life. This continued for some time until it got to the turn of Ibanga who refused to scoop water or take meat.

‘Who dares cast a torch into the lion’s face without being an initiate? Which ordinary mortal dare defy the Mother of darkness? Who prepared you a meal of pounded yam and told you not to worry about the soup!’ The supreme leader took on a fearful glow as she said this, the atmosphere became tense, smoke emanate beneath her seat as she asked those questions.

Ibanga, still resolute cleared his throat and began ‘I am tired of this shameless cult. An association which causes untold sorrow and despair to people, it has robbed me of my peace of mind. I can’t sleep well at night without hearing baby cries, there are days I wake up in the morning and see a pool of blood in my bedroom, my wife and children won’t see it except me. They all think I am mad….’ he sneezes as he said this and then continued ‘ They all think I am mad, they always think I am mad’ he scratches his head furiously and faced the Supreme leader squarely ‘they all said I am mad, even you you are mad. Heheheheh see your bald head hehehehehe’ he unties his wrapper to scratch his behind. ‘Ehehehhe kikikikikiki you people are sitting and looking? Haha you can’t see this fine woman? Maybe if I brought money I would have invited her to Radisson Blu. Hahaha, where is the way out of here? It is so hot o’ he removes his boxers as he said this. The supreme leader pointed and he began to crawl out, someone stood up to help him up but she shouted ‘Touch him and become unfortunate!’

‘Now, who else is refusing to eat the food of the Mother of darkness’

They all replied in the negative and each wait eagerly for his turn to eat from the pot of life.

‘But come to think of it, what Ibanga did was just silly, why would he refuse to partake in the feast?’ Alhaji Tanko asked as he took a sip from his drink.

‘You can’t blame him, he grew wings the moment he began to attend a church where the head pastor lies that he can turn mountains to sand and he thought he was free. Ode oshi, stupid imbecile’ Otunba hissed as he said this. They were sitting in Kunle’s gigantic balcony relaxing.

‘Well, If we must say the truth the judgement was harsh on the stupid one. He ran mad. That kind of madness can never be cured! It was the Supreme leader herself who cursed him. That was too much in my own opinion, at least punish him in other ways, seize his wealth but not his sanity!’ Kunle’s eyes welled with tears as he said this. Emotional Kunle they call him because he doesn’t act like a man when they want him to. Emotional Kunle was the one who dare show his sorrow publicly at the burial of Sunday Solomon Sunday, one of their members who died in an autocrash. There are times they mock him for this behind his back or say it to his face. It was always the same statement ‘We understand, he was your lover. Wipe your tears’

Kunle protests to this but they know him and they know him.

Otunba screwed up his nose and puffed the smoke from his cigar in the air. ‘That boy was just an idiot, his task is not even as hard as some of us here, he was only asked to get newborn babies every six months and grind them! Lobatan ooooo. What does he want me to do then? Does he know what I go through trying to meet up with what I have to do? Does he know how hard it is?’ Otunba stopped talking and took a long drag from his cigarette.

‘I wonder walahi, what does he want our friend from the east to do? Which is more worse? Hurting outsiders or your own family. His daughter will never forgive him but he must do what he must do.’ Alhaji Tanko took another sip from his drink.

‘Ikechukwu finds it hard but a man must do what he must do!’ Otunba added.

Kunle was quiet, he was busy with his phone. Compared to the rest of them, his own task seemed easy – get a man to lay with everytime his wealth seems to be reducing. However, Kunle seemed to be a natural, he loves men naturally so he is always flowing in wealth. From Universities to night clubs to football viewing centres, Kunle scouts every available place for a mate. Some he lures with money, some just wanted their school fees paid, some wanted contracts, others just want the good things of life and they care less about what they have to do for it.

Alhaji Tanko who looks like the one who cannot hurt a fly in his crisp guinea brocade is the one who is always eager to help Kunle find new lovers, according to him Kunle is in the right for wealth lies in the anus.

Otunba stubbed his cigar on the plate in front of him and announced his leave. Tanko and Kunle said they will meet him later at the club. He nodded and left carrying his huge agbada and problems with him.

‘He who wants to eat the honey nestling inside a rock….’ his thought was interrupted by a loud blare from Jomjom Barbing Saloon, it was one of 9ice’s song. He hissed as the lyrics followed his to his car K’emi shati lowooooooo, ole lo b’omo je kin sha ti lowoooooo.

Taiwo was dozing when Otunba entered the car. He woke up when he heard the Otunba making some calls on his phone.

‘Sola’ Otunba spoke to the driver ‘Drive to Macaulay street we are not going home yet’

‘Hope no problem sir?’ Taiwo asked genuinely concerned, ‘Of course there is a problem, for Ikechukwu and that his beautiful young wife’ Otunba answered.

‘Ha, but…’

‘Which but? Were you able to do anything about mine? Let me see Ikechukwu and warn him before hand. I know what I am saying’

‘But has he? You know, messages or anything? Taiwo asked.

‘Well… he said they have been calling him and his wife that they have a dirt on them. I will advise him to negotiate with the person and pay him if he can because… kasala fit burst o.’

They continue the rest of the journey in silence until Taiwo’s phone beep, he unlocked it and saw a gossip blog update.



‘Kilode bayi? What is it again?’ Otunba asked in annoyance. ‘Otunba it has happened o, take’ Taiwo handed over the phone.

‘Sola! Oya turn back, we are not going to Macaulay street again. Oloriburuku eda wo lo n se eleyi? Who is the cursed being behind this?!’

Taiwo collected his phone and wondered whether truly the Otunba’s family is the target of a political opponent or there is more to them than meet the eye.


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