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Images danced and sang in the muted TV in Daniella’s office. Just like her bathroom Daniella had wanted it to be painted in white with black furniture because life is a mixture of the good and the bad. The interior decorator had murmured that the representation of white with purity and good; black with impurity and bad had continued to be the reason why Africans despise their skin colour. Daniella scoffed and waved her argument away.

She glanced at the clock as she closed the bathroom door behind her, it was 15 minutes after 2. The caller had told her to expect her call at 2pm sharp. She walked towards the window, from where she stood she could see the vulcanizer’s shop, the apprentices were laughing and it didn’t take Daniella long to discover what was amusing them. One of the apprentice was held around the waist by the woman who sells food for them, apparently he owes her some money and had refused to pay. She glanced across the road to Remmy’s Takeout. She still haven’t told them she prefers her moimoi without eggs. Turning away from the window she glanced at the clock again it was now 2:30.

‘I will wait till 3 before leaving.’ She said to herself as she picked up her phone from the desk, she took a sit on the swivel chair and began to surf through different Instagram pages and they all seem to have pictures of Chisom.

Typical of the betrayer to always be the centre of attraction, she thought. It was unusual however to find some of the pictures in a collage with Otunba Coker’s own. Frowning she read one of the captions.


She stopped spinning and continued to read;

Chisom Okojie, the young and beautiful wife of billionaire Ikechukwu Okojie is embroiled in a cheating scandal with the philanthropist Otunba Bayonle Coker. According to dirtylittlesecrets, they began to see each other late last year, this puts to rest any doubts about the paternity of her children who awfully looks like their dad. Hello forehead.

It was also discovered that Chisom even contemplated a divorce so as to become wife number two to Otunba but the fear of Yeye is the beginning of wisdom! It seems someone told her about the hapless fate that befell Otunba’s side chick in the 90s, Shanice, who disappered after having a child for him…

Daniella shoulders dropped, even though she hates Chisom for having her father trapped in her claws she had never ever suspected her of cheating. She thought of her father and his reaction to the news. Maybe it’s for the best, perhaps this would make her father realize his life would be better without Chisom in it.

But who would keep him company? You are just being selfish. A voice whispered in her head. Well, there are lots of men out there without wives who are still… her phone vibrated at that moment. It was the call she had been waiting for.

‘You know you need to go home to your wife’ Madam Asabe’s voice rang from the kitchen to Otunba who was sprawled on the floor in the sitting room. When the scandal broke he had directed his driver to go straight to Madam Asabe’s house, the first place that came to his head. The only place he can stay hidden from Yeye and Ik’s anger. Madam Asabe had opened her doors without questions, she had asked him what he would eat not minding the expression in his face and a bed to lay his head.

When he makes frantic calls or jumps any time his phone rings. She would only stare at him long enough for him to get a hold of himself. Whatever she had seen, heard and read she pretended as if she hadn’t. She patiently listened to his pathetic excuses for staying at her place.

‘Business deal gone wrong’ he had stammered and she nodded without a word. ‘Would you like more egg sauce?’ She asked him.

‘What?’ He started and spilled the orange juice on his clothes ‘what did you say?’

‘Egg sauce? More egg sauce for the plantain?’ She raised a brow. ‘No.’ He said and gulped down his drink.

He refused to step out of the house, not even to enjoy the fresh air as Madam Asabe would say. He runs to hide whenever Madam Asabe’s guests come visiting. His car remained locked in Madam Asabe’s garage and his driver idle with nothing to do gossips with the gateman all day. Taiwo is his only link to the outside world. Taiwo alone received the rain of insults meant for Otunba, he alone also dodged the shoes Yeye threw at him in fury. ‘Ma! This is Jimmy Choo! It is more than 500k ma. Two times my sala…’ another shoe stopped him in mid sentence. He ran for his life and bumped into Rinde in the process.

‘Hold him Rinde, I will make Rangler teach him the lesson of his life’ Yeye shouted from behind. Surprisingly Rinde only stepped aside without a word and ignored his mother when she began to ask him why he allowed Taiwo escape.

Taiwo had since refused to go to Otunba’s house not even the threat of losing his job would make him go back. Otunba found himself alone with the problems he caused himself.

‘I still don’t understand why you won’t go home.’ Madam Asabe said as she emerged from the kitchen. She strutted into the sitting room, her sequined abaya glinting as she moved.

‘Asabe you should know better than send me back. I am in a big trouble and I need to stay hidden for a while.’

‘Hmmm, you are always in trouble’ she replied him as a cunning smile curled her mouth. ‘And you won’t even ask me the nature of my troubles. You don’t even care if I killed someone.’ Otunba said.

‘Please Bayo, you don’t kill, at least not directly. You kill in a way that your conscience won’t be disturbed. And no I won’t ask the nature of your troubles because it doesn’t concern me.’ She said stiffly turning her attention to the TV.

‘There you go again, you know there is a lot at stake if everything about me gets exposed, I am getting exposed already, bit by bit. All the corpses I buried neatly are being exhumed one at at a time.

‘What would you have me do?’ She said not meeting his eyes.

‘Help me with Ik’

‘Ik? The same Ik? Really? I don’t think I have a hold on Ik’ She faced him squarely now. ‘Then you help me look for something, I am very sure he is looking for a way to get at me now.’ Otunba sat up as he said this.

‘Even though I hate to ask you this but what is it with you and IK? Madam Asabe barked. Otunba shifted on the floor and sighed. Realization dawned on Madam Asabe who asked with a voice devoid of surprise. ‘You slept with his wife?’ Otunba refused to meet her eyes and she cackled ‘Bayo? When will you stop being a shameless human being? You slept with Ik’s wife? Again? I thought it ended with Nina his first wife? Did you fail to deliver on what you promised him or why would he be after you?

‘Nooo, no business deal was involved this time around. It was just a thing of pure attraction that’s all’ Otunba mumbled feeling like a child who has soiled himself.

‘Pure lust you mean? I always wondered why you men are content rotating your wives among your circle for a business deal or contract! Selfish lots’ She spat.

‘Just help me’ Otunba pleaded.

‘I have heard you.’ Madam Asabe replied looking disgusted.

‘Thank you, thank you, thank you.’ He held her legs and began to plaster it with kisses.

‘I am only helping because I need you to go back to your wife! You have overstayed your welcome in my house.’ With that she stood up and left Otunba looking helpless and rejected.


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