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Chisom paced up and down in the gigantic living room, she doesn’t understand why her husband had remained calm since the news of her cheating with his friend broke. The day the news broke, he called her into his bedroom where she met him reading a newspaper, told her to prepare onugbu and akpu for lunch and asked if she had sent one of the drivers to go pick the kids at school before returning his attention to the newspaper.

He won’t even tell her the outcome of his intense bargain with the anonymous caller. He had also fumbled blindly with her nightie in the middle of the night. His subtle way of telling her he needs her warmth. He still didn’t ask her anything even when a nosy reporter threw rude questions at them the night they went to Klishco & Haffer’s Company dinner.

‘Sir do you think Otunba actually slept with your wife?’
‘Ma’am is it true you actually considered leaving your husband for Otunba Bayo?’

Cameras flashed at them and Ik held her by the wrist firmly as though he was saying ‘you are mine no matter what!’

He was the still same and that baffled her, she wanted him to shout and threaten her. Hit her even. She wants him to show his anger and purge her of the immense guilt she feels. She can imagine the questions her mother would ask when she is sent packing, What else were you looking for? Sex? After three children? What do you want people to say?

She heard the door close and jumped in fright. It was her husband he looked weary and every inch like a 59 years old man. ‘I didn’t know you will be back so soon.’ She said as she went to hug him he patted her on the back and looked around ‘Nmasinachi isn’t here yet?’

‘No. Did she say she was coming?’

‘I asked her to come over’ he sank into the sofa and toyed with the remote. Chisom’s heart sank and she walked in a daze to the kitchen, she realized she forget to ask him what he would eat when she was about to lit the cooking gas. Cursing herself she went back and found him watching a news channel attentively, ‘Obi m you forgot to tell me what you would like to eat for lunch.’ He squeezed his face as he thought of what to eat, ‘Eba and ogbolo is okay, ei wait’ he smacked his big forehead playfully ‘I ate that yesterday na?’ Chisom smiled faintly and replied in the affirmative.

‘Cook that your parlour rice’ he turned his attention back to the television

‘Darling it’s paella rice not parlour rice’ she couldn’t hold the laugh as it spilled out of her. ‘Eh?’ Ik looked amused before adding ‘ngwanu you understood what I meant so cook the para or parlour rice’ he changed the news station to another showing a documentary on dolphins before placing his legs on the stool infront of him and leaning back into the sofa. Chisom happily cut the ingredients feeling less guilty, it seems her husband pays no mind to petty gossip. But what even drew her to the Otunba? She thought as she washed the prawns, nothing really she answered herself. She just found herself drawn to him and his charisma, he has a charming personality which her husband lacked. She realized one of the ingredients she needed was missing and instructed Faith, her maid, to go bring her bag.

‘Remember that place I sent you to that other day?’ She began staring intently at the dull girl she is stuck with for the next five months. Faith nodded and she went on ‘Go straight inside and check the sea food section and get me some calamari’ She handed Faith some money but the poor girl looked bewildered ‘Ma?’ Chisom looked at her from head to toe and stated with a clenched teeth ‘Buy me calamari! just go inside and get me calamari you hear!?’

‘Maram you said Karabari? How carrai buy karabari?’ Faith looked confused as she said this. Chisom groaned in frustration and asked her to bring a pen and sheet of paper from her bag. Then she wrote down what she wanted and asked her to give it to any sales attendant she sees. Nodding frantically Faith ran outside to go meet Garuba ‘Maram said you should take me to choprait to buy Kalabariiii’ she squealed when he arrogantly asked where she was going.

Chisom shook her head half amused and half annoyed. She was pouring the prawns into a sieve when she heard her husband laughing heartily in the living room then she heard the familiar throaty laughter of Daniella. She became unsettled but forced herself to think of other things that might calm her nerves.

‘This is really nice Chisom, where did you learn how to cook paella rice?’ Daniella asked as she took a sip from her juice. ‘The restaurant I once worked intercontinental cuisines and…’ ‘oh yes I remember where you used to work‘ Daniella cut her off with a mocking smile. The twins were as usual sitting cosily on her leg. Chisom looked scatchingly at her former best friend and wished the huge chandeliar that hung over them will fall on her head, but her twins were sitting on the witch’s leg, only God knows how she managed to make them love her, Chisom thought.

Maxwell looked bored and eager to leave the dinning table but his father will roast his behind for it. Nobody dare leave the table before their dad, only their sister had done that and didn’t get punished for it. That was the day Ik announced he was getting married to her best friend. Samuel asked for a second helping and began to wolf it down with gusto. Ik stood up 10 minutes later and beckoned at Daniella who had a tough time making the twins sit by themselves they tried to follow her but she cooed and kissed their chubby cheeks promising to play with them if they finish their food. They nodded not entirely convinced she wasn’t leaving, then they relaxed when they saw her following their dad into his bedroom.

Chisom watched from the corners of her eyes furious. She barked at Faith who came in to clear the tables, when she couldn’t hold it any longer she decided to enter the bedroom on the pretense that she was looking for her second cell phone.

‘Chichi dear, we were just about to summon you’ Daniella said cheerfully the moment she stepped inside. Chisom looked from father to daughter wondering what they both had to say, Daniella hadn’t called her Chichi in a long time.

Teniola swayed seductively as she walked infront of Senator Gbadamosi. She was dressed in a short black sheer gown, her red Giuseppe Zanotti cruel wing sandals barely made a sound as they walked to the Senator’s suite. She winked at the Senator as she began to undress, she let her gown drop and pool at her feet before smiling sweetly at the Senator. Then she stepped out of the clothes and kicked it to a side before slowly kneeling and crawling towards him. She rubbed his thighs down to his legs and up again, then she stopped at the point in the middle. She felt him stiffen as she stroked him, still smiling she pulled down his trousers and took him in her mouth. His grunts encourage her to do more and she obliged him and continued to take him to the edge until he erupted. She swallowed and looked up at him, whispering she pushed him on the bed and began to peel off her underwear ‘Now, the main game begins.’

She straddled him and began to ride.


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