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Daniella dabbed her mouth daintily with a tissue, picked her phone from the table and walked gracefully out of Kilimanjaro eatery. Her beige skirt suit blended perfectly with her olive skin, she tucked a weave behind her ear when the wind blew it into her face. Her white peekabo fendi bag was dropped gently on the passenger seat as she entered her car. She was adjusting the mirror to apply a fresh coat of lipgloss when she felt someone tapping the glass.

‘Yes?’ She asked as she wind down the glass. The man who had tapped her glass flashed a thousand megawatts smile before speaking in the most enthralling voice she has ever heard.

‘I am sorry for disturbing you miss but I couldn’t help admiring you as you walked out of the eatery. My name’s Tega and you are?’ He looked questioningly at Daniella. Daniella scoffed and looked him up and down, he was dressed sharply in a navy blue trouser and a white shirt. He wore a sleek black show and to her disappointment a g-shock sat dully on his wrist. Not bad she thought but too young.

‘And I am old enough to be your aunty.’ She turned on the ignition as she said this and began to move her car slowly out of Kilimanjaro’s parking lot. Tega watched as she left his face burning out of embarrassment. He walked back inside the eatery to his amused cousin who was quick to say ‘I told you.’ He tried to ignore the unsavoury taste of disappointment in his mouth as he dug into his food and began to eat, halfway through the meal the thoughts of the beautiful woman who had caught his attention earlier went to the pit of his mind.

You see she wan do but nah shakara nah shakara oloje. Fela’s voice blared from the speakers. Beautiful girls moved their bodies along to the rhythm. A fat man sitting at the VIP lounge with his friends tried moving to the song. He did what was supposed to be an exaggerated Fela’s dance style for a minute before holding his chest and collapsing on the sofa. His friends all burst into a hearty laugh as he tried to catch his breath.

Mahmud, a tall stringy man pointed at him. ‘You are just one big buffalo’ they all laughed again except Francis the fallen man. Deji shook his head and added ‘guy better work on your weight’

Everybody laughed again but Francis already used to the jabs looked away. Tega looked at his colleagues turned friends as they took various jabs at Francis. Francis the overweight but vivacious one is married with two kids his wife surprisingly is a stunning slim lady. Mahmud, the calm one who keeps falling into the hands of desperate women who only cared about his wealth. Deji, tall and too good looking for his own good, the perfect definition of lothario, the one and only among his friends who has a bevy of beauties wrapped around his fingers. And him, Tega, the mummy’s boy who always have everything handed to him without breaking a sweat. His mother, a former minister of petroleum got him a place at one of the reputable oil companies in Port Harcourt with just one phone call.

Tega and his friends hang out at every weekend when work is not too demanding. Have few drinks, watch people, discuss politics, argue about world problems, talk of the new business they are investing in and when Deji is in a good mood give them a recap of the different women he had been with that week. Sometimes they hook up with some of the women at the lounge, most of whom were too willing. Francis the married one quietly excuses himself whenever the ladies start flocking over.

‘Tega?’ Deji called. He was startled. ‘Guy? What’s up? Why you dey smile like person wey woman dey….’

‘No start oooo’ Francis warned. Deji smiled devilishly and continued ‘Did you notice the bird that just walked in?’ Deji made a gesture towards where the lady was, she was sitted at the bar nursing a drink, her back was facing them. ‘She is made for the gods! She is flawless and guess what? She will be calling my number non-stop throughout this week you just watch.’ Deji stood up smartly adjusted his top and walked briskly towards the lady.

Tega and the rest watched their friend. The one they all love and hate. Despite the fact that he is a chronic womanizer ladies still fall over themselves for him. None of them can trust a woman with him. Deji is just like that.

They watched as Deji engaged the lady in a chat, watched as she threw back her head and laughed.

‘This guy nah bastard I swear’ Mahmud said with a slight hint of envy in his voice. They all nodded in agreement because they know where Mahmud is coming from. Deji left the lady at the bar and walked towards them, he collapsed into his seat and downed his drink in a single gulp.

‘Another catch for the week’ Francis said slyly. Deji smiled painfully and narrated what happened to them. It turned out to be the opposite of what they expected. Apparently the lady blew Deji off and told him to play his games elsewhere.

‘Impossible!’ Francis bellowed. ‘I think she saw through his facade’ Mahmud added snidely. Tega was pleased Deji didn’t get his way this time. He sat up in his seat and addressed Deji ‘if only you were a little bit sincere maybe you would have gotten a chance.’

‘Sincere? Sincere? See you. You think she’s a regular? She isn’t. She is one of those ladies who think they can call the shots because they are lucky to have money. I’m sure she is a feminist. All those women that don’t know their place. Her types don’t get married….’ Deji stopped talking Tega was making his way towards the lady. Deji burst into a derisive laughter and looked at Francis and Mahmud for support. However their faces were not mocking, their expressions were serious and they were concentrating. Deji hissed and watched the spectacle waiting for Tega’s walk of shame.

Few minutes later Tega returned. Deji held out his hand and said in a mock whisper ‘welcome brother. I told you she will blow you off.’ Tega shook Deji’s hand and spoke loudly for them to hear ‘Thanks brother but her number came with the wind.’

Francis and Mahmud slapped his back beaming. ‘How did you do it?’ Mahmud asked his eyes shinning. ‘Well, she looked at me and shook her head then she said “you don’t give up do you?” Next thing she asked for my number and dialled in my presence!’ Tega punched the air as he said this. Deji began to protest saying she mistook Tega for him but Francis was quick to point out that Tega doesn’t have beards and isn’t dressed like Deji. For the first time Deji failed in something that has to do with women, his ego lay injured as he watched the others celebrating his downfall. Mahmud and Francis raised their glasses to celebrate a week free of Deji boasting about his sexcapades.

Deji raised his when they were done and told them all ‘Don’t forget too soon that I play my games well. A defeat doesn’t make a warrior a weakling. You all shall see’ he downed his drink and grinned scheming his next move in his head.


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