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The first time Rinde told Teniola he knows things was when he was 14 and she was 17. She had laughed in his face and clapped her hands in that annoying way of hers. The first time he showed her he knows things was when she was 20. She had gotten pregnant from a reckless sexual encounter. Rinde had told her she was pregnant long before she started seeing the symptoms but she doubted him until the doctor proclaimed it with a clinical authenticity. She had panicked and consulted friends who promised to take her somewhere.

Rinde had stopped her the morning she wanted to go for the abortion. Blandly he told her not to waste time going because she would have a miscarriage anyway. She had hissed but he begged her – for the first time in his life – to wait till the next day and see. Of course she miscarried and got herself taken care of at a hospital far away from home without her parents knowing. Since then she had feared her brother but with time Rinde proved to be as stupid as she had always known him to be, the fact that he guessed right twice doesn’t mean anything or does it?.

Teniola flounce out of Rinde’s room in a rage. How dare he? How dare he tell she wouldn’t have traveled if their parents were around? And why would he tell her not to travel? She fumed and nearly stumbled as she entered her room still blinded by intense anger. She sat in front of the mirror trying to recollect what she was doing before Rinde called her to tell her rubbish. Yes, she was deciding the perfect swimsuit to pick. Bobby had told her just the day before about a surprise trip to a resort.

She returned to her opened travel bag cluttered with varieties of items for a weekend getaway. A brightly coloured palazzo, a maxi skirt, two crop tops, fur slides, slippers, bras and thongs in different colours.

‘Just in case we are going out for a fancy dinner.’ She told herself as she dropped an olive green gown with snake-skin heels into the box. The thought of Senator Gbadamosi slithered into her mind. She really doesn’t understand what she is on about with him, the senator won’t stop going on about how she is omoluabi, a good child of her parents. He is stingy if she compared him with the older men she had been with before him. He is a slob even though he appears to be in a good shape and not as fat as men his age yet the Senator finds it hard to flush toilets himself, pull bedspread over himself, climb and get out of his car without assistant, pick remote, wear shoe or even dress up. But she still has to answer his calls, her mother had stylishly mandated her to by telling her ‘you must always respect someone older than you no matter what!’

At least she has Bobby now. A wistful smile spread her lips as she remembered how she and Bobby had met. She had gone to withdraw some cash at the ATM stand, he was the last on the queue and the moment she joined he turned to look at her and told her he loves her perfume. The rest became a history as they say. Despite her random questions and tricks Bobby doesn’t seem to know about the scandal. In fact Bobby doesn’t seem like someone who is into hot scoops or gossip news. He would tell her ‘I’d rather spend that time making more money.’

Bobby is never broke. Bobby could afford a house in a highbrow part of the city. Bobby drives a Benz. Bobby wears Versace, Gucci, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Zannoti and some designers she has never heard of. Bobby loves wearing very expensive wristwatches. Bobby’s parents are dead and they left him with huge fortune he had told her. Bobby seems to suffer from insomnia for he would rather be by himself in his own room around the wee hours of the morning than sleep beside her. He would return to bed around 7am, fill up his own side of the bed and fall into a tired sleep till 11am. Sometimes when he is not too tired he and Teniola would get intimate before he falls asleep. Bobby is also cute, he is not slim or muscular but his weight is not too much either. He is chubby and his plump cheeks gave him the look of a well fed baby. She loves Bobby and he loves her too… she hopes.

A sharp rap on her door brought her to the present. ‘Can I come in?’ Her brother’s voice asked.

‘If you want to’ She muttered still pissed at him.

‘You are still packing’ Rinde said unnecessarily as he took in the bag she is now stuffing with toiletries. She glared at him for few seconds before she continued with what she was doing.

‘I know there is nothing else I can say that would stop you from going but you should remember that I have never interfered in your personal business until now. I will say it again whatever you have going on with that guy…’ ‘Bobby!’ Teniola snapped. ‘Bobby whatever. Whatever you have going on will cause you problems you may never be able to surmount.’ Rinde said staring straight into his sturbborn sister’s eyes through his glasses.

‘Are you done?’ Teniola asked shaking with anger again. ‘Calm down’ Rinde admonished.

‘I won’t calm down because what you are saying is stupid!’ Teniola yelled. ‘Jeez we are screaming now?’

‘Because you are just an ode who wouldn’t mind his business and thinks he can boss me around. You are all up in my personal life because of one random prediction you made ages ago! You think because you don’t drink, smoke, party and do other fun stuff that you are pious and better than everybody else but guess what it means you are boring not pious!’ Teniola hissed as she said this and began to zip her bag.

‘First of all I am not an ode. Secondly that wasn’t a random prediction. Thirdly, not doing all you said doesn’t mean I am pious but it still doesn’t make me boring either. There is more to my being than me wasting time on such mundane things.’ Rinde paused and saw Teniola looking at him with feigned interest then he continued ‘Teni, I know things. I see things. I never thought much of it but recently most things I see come true. I have weird dreams. I see myself walking, propelled by a guide I can’t see to places I have seen in my dream that I have never been before. Do you know where I found myself yesterday? At the site of dad’s closed orphanage. Teni, what I saw about you was really dangerous and I am begging you no to embark on this trip, not this one. Go on another but not this one.’ Rinde pleaded.

‘Three-eyed raven. Mr Brandon Stark. Seer of life. Knower of the unknown. Thank you so much dear brother but I can take care of myself.’ Teniola turned her back on him with finality tossing her long weave in the process.

Rinde stood in her room defeated. He could only pray and wish she comes to no harm but that cannot do much. It is certain what would befall her if she goes.

At that moment in Ogun state Baba Ajebiidan scrutinized the different items he had sent his acolytes to buy; a life tortoise, the tail of a cobra, local sponges, cat skulls.

‘How many cat skulls did I ask you to buy?’ He asked Mawoeyin the oldest among them. ‘Sixteen baba’

‘Then why am I seeing just 14?’ Baba Ajebiidan asked as he separated the skulls with his Iroke – a divination stick. ‘Baba the rest are here’ Yemuyemu brought them out and placed them with the rest. Baba Ajebiidan was about to tell them what to do with the tortoise when his visitor was announced.

Oya e ko gbogbo e nle. Pack it all and watch over the tortoise Mawoeyin. If you like leave and go philandering with Bisi sogbo? So loriburuku n bo ja ni. Dare me and become unfortunate’ Baba Ajebiidan said as he went into his consulting room. The visitor sprang up from the mat when Baba entered.

‘Haha! Eyan pataki re, an important person has come to see me. Irunmole o gbe o, may the deities protect you. Awon Iya o gbe o. So ti yo ni? Have you gotten any?

Beeni baba. Moti ri eran. In fact I got a juicy cow this time around.’

‘Not those shriveled up goats?’ They both laughed heartily. Baba excused himself and went into his inner room then he returned with a calabash held in his left hand.

‘Listen and listen to me real good.’ Baba Ajebiidan said before he began to reel out instructions.


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