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July is here already, I don’t know why I am not enthusiastic about the month. Maybe it’s because exam also starts this month. How was June? I totally enjoyed June! Omg, save the fact that I had to spend sleepless night on my project and read 10 months worth of books in 1 month. June was a wawwu month for me. Laughter was a huge part of June, there was this tranquility around me and huge feeling of fulfillment almost all the time. I said almost all the time because there are times I fall into those moods, this gloomy moods but hey, they don’t drag into days and weeks like they used to.

In June, I learnt being happy and smiling through every thing life throws at you is the most. Usually when I experience setback I feel like the whole word is against me but now… I just show my 32 to whoever cares to see.

Some final year students would be rounding up with their project, some are even done already. KWASU, the flying University has done its convocation, that school doesn’t know University of Ilorin is older than her and it has to wait and let the older one do it thing first? Mteeewt

May God fix all the problems that is wrong with Nigeria, it is only God that can look into the mountains of problems suffocating Nigeria because the average citizen cannot! the politicians would not! The religious leaders cannot! Nobody can. Those who would keeps dragging Nigeria back into the mud and adding more dirt when someone tries to clean her up. It is tiring honestly.

I hope July showers us all with blessing, peace of mind and plenty plenty plenty money. BTW, someone should warn the angel in charge of the weather to take his or her time, the cold is getting out of hand and I can’t use my Ankara on peace again.


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