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Do you remember when you were little and you would do anything for your sibling, leave the little rice left in the plate for them to eat, give them the toys you no longer need, lie to cover up for them,defend them against bullies. Do you remember when you were little? When all you cared about with your sibling is eating, sleeping and playing with toys.

What ever happened? How did the sweet feeling of having someone who shares the same blood with you turn into a fart sprinkled with salt, a fart you can’t swallow but you can’t spit out the salt either.

Could it be that all the bad blood and enmity is the fault of your parents who never see anything good in what you do, who only criticize you and add “that is why your brother is better than you”

At times, rivalry between siblings stem from the fact that there is “an unwanted addition” in the family, this often results into an older sibling punching a new-born baby in the face, this often overlooked harmless kid jealously could grow into malice and hatred between siblings. The older one mistreat the younger one for sharing with him/her what usually just belongs to him/her.

It can also be caused by lack of communication between siblings, siblings that do not talk and have no close relations won’t find it hard from being a relative to archenemies. Some fights among siblings continue till they belong adults and this is transferred to their offspring who would not be allowed to relate with the offspring of the “enemy”.

Some siblings started off on a good note, their fight could start from perceived disrespect or bad influence from the spouse or partner of a sibling which could result into an altercation that would generate into a physical exchange, inequality in sharing properties, money belonging to a deceased relative or parent results into quarrel that causes bitter feeling among siblings too. This is common in a Nigerian society, many people would go as far as using juju against their own blood. There are lots of siblings who are not on speaking terms and have vowed to leave things broken rather than come together to mend fences.

However, sibling rivalry can be curbed by parents by taking note of their kids individual behaviour, not praising a child to condemn another. There should be neutrality when settling rifts to avoid favouritism. Parents should also endeavour to listen attentively to each child so the child would not feel neglected.

Have you ever had an unpleasant encounter with a sibling? Are you on speaking terms with your siblings? Today is a beautiful day to mend fences and let peace reign.

Enjoy the rest of your day. #xoxo


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