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So I didn’t want to make a post before but I thought why not? Let me put something down and look back at it in the next few months, years.
This is my sixth month of blogging (bows to imaginary applause) and it’s been so far, so not easy. I have encountered different challenges, some are from me, some are not.
My challenges stems from
– Laziness: There are days I just don’t feel like posting even though I have something I want to put down at the back of my mind.
– Writers block: I go blank!
– Lack of MB: It is not easy
– Disturbance from family: My grandmother doesn’t understand why I am always busy with my phone.
– Mistakenly deleting a post before posting: This one hurts like crazy.
– Scathing Criticism: Some people will just yap and make you feel really stupid. I am way over that now #flipshair
– Dealing with People who do not understand why I send them links on whatsapp, I mostly get “what is the meaning of all this links, please stop sending them” some are rude when requesting to be barred receiving updates on blog posts, choi those times I feel so low and wonder what I am doing, Yoruba people would say “ki ni nbaka gan” I will just fall into a gloomy mood and get over it in few hours or days.
– Balancing blogging with day to day activities: #breathesheavily I can’t even start with this one.
I could go on and on with challenges but it is better I stop now to talk about how it has helped me.
Blogging has built me, it is still building me to be a better person, normally I am the type that gets angry as quick as a flash, I go snap snap within minutes and I get irritated at little things but I have learnt how to stop getting irritated at everything and everyone, I take my time when my phone malfunctions and I retry and retry till the post is “perfect”. I send “lol and smiling emojis when I get rude comments from whatsapp friends asking me to stop sending unnecessary links, wheeeew!
I learn new things every time I post and I discover new blogs that inspire new articles.
Blogging has made me become a better thinker, I think deeply and often I have caught myself being indifferent about things I would have screamed “Murder!” over.
What else? Blogging has opened my eyes, I see people I never expected to care sharing my posts on social media platform, blogging has made me trust my own skills and talents.
It is an avenue for me to vent out my frustration, I am the type that is prone to depression so sharing a poem or an article about it and reading people’s comments like ” Wow, this is nice” or ” I used to be that that that too but I am okay now” lifts my spirit, I go from acting like a lost puppy to acting like a dog that has Rabis, bipolar much?
What else do I have to say? I am grateful to everyone that has made me get this far, I appreciate you all. This is starting to sound like a speech Jor!
END NOTE: I love you A.


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I am not cute or built to suit a fashion model size, but when i start to tell them, they think am telling lies, i say, it is in the reach of my arms, the span of my hips. I am a woman phenomenally, phenomenal woman,that's me - Maya Angelou.

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