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We have had lots of people talking about what feminism is, I think that is part of the reason why there is so much confusion. Everyone thinks they can come up with anything they deem fit and wrap it around feminism.

This rant is brought about by the attention feminism and it doctrines have been getting lately all thanks to Chimamanda’s New York Times magazine article and some social media Judys who have little or no idea of what they are doing or how it is done. So, I am here to tell you what it isn’t.

FEMINISM ISN’T ABOUT WOMEN BEING PROMISCUOUS: Nope, feminism never said women should be promiscuous, there is nowhere it is written that one of the tenets of feminism is sleeping around. What is said is, women shouldn’t be judged for acknowledging their sexual side, they shouldn’t be called whores or prostitutes if they choose to have sex or if they have been with more than one man because nobody does the same to men when they do that exact same thing too. So you see it is different, it never asked you to go all out to be a hoe, it only said you shouldn’t be judged for getting some. Sister drop that attitude and stop using feminism as boju boju for your kurukere movements.

FEMINISM ISN’T ABOUT MALE OPPRESSION ALONE: Yes sister, it isn’t so calm your titties and read this before you go off at men again in your next Facebook post. It never said men are the sole reason why women are this and that, that is like a part of what feminism is all about. So if you as a lady keep going off at men every time and blaming them for your woes, isn’t that you wrapping all your life around the same men who are oppressing you?

FEMINISM IS NOT ‘COOL’: Sorry to burst your bubble, it is not the fancy club you join in school to build your reputation and make you look cool. Some girls think the moment they have ‘feminist’ perched on their bio on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter they go from regular to bangdadang. Nop nop nop, what feminism deals with and what feminists fight for is much more than the likes you get on your Facebook and Instagram pages every time you make posts about oppressed women before you add the hashtag #feminist! It is more than that, there are lots of women who can’t access your Facebook and Instagram page and are getting oppressed in other ways you haven’t thought of. There is that widow who is in the village and doesn’t know the world have evolved to the point that you can change your real face with few brushes, she is probably getting tormented by her mother in law, there is the five year old girl who has been with her nomad family for years and is waiting to get married off to her father’s 60 year old friend. They can’t read your posts and they are part of the people you are fighting for if I am right. So once again, feminism is not cool in the sense you want to make of it.

FEMINISM ISN’T ABOUT NOT GETTING MARRIED: Don’t say you never want to get married because you are a feminist, dummy! Feminists are getting married every darn day, dummy! Feminists will never tell you the little little disrespect signal their feminist antenna refuse to pick, dummy! Feminists will never tell you how they calmly spoke their way out of a tense situation and unconsciously did something they have always told you not to do, dummy! Feminists will never refuse their husbands sex because they are feminists, dummy! Feminists will never tell you some of the bullshit they stomach to build a happy home. So sit right there and cancel marriage because you think that makes you a feminist.

FEMINISM ISN’T ABOUT WOMEN SUPPORTING WOMEN BLINDLY: A woman robs a whole nation off half it fortune and you go mute because oh well, she is a woman, then others condemn her and you go berserk saying they are victimizing her because she is a woman? Does that make sense to you? No!

FEMINISM ISN’T ABOUT WHAT CHIMAMANDA SAYS ALONE: Majority of the ladies who disturb everyone’s timeline have only read We Should All be Feminists, some didn’t they only heard snippets from friends conversation. It’s no wonder they make blind arguments and utter slap provoking statements on their pages. I kuku don’t blame you, I blame the boy you begged for the airtime you used to sub, oh you think I don’t know? That that is what you and your fellow femishits do? Abuse men and blame them for everything going wrong in your life, painful menstruation, ill fitting bra, the reason why menstrual pads are expensive, why your touch screen phone is not working, the reason NEPA took light, and then slide into their DMs or make phone calls to beg for airtime and cash. Please clear for road let me see front.

FEMINISM ISN’T ABOUT YOU BEING A LESBIAN: My dear sister, if you want to be with your fellow women go and be with them in peace o. Nobody told you being a feminist entails being a lesbian o. Those women asking you to become a feminist and then a lesbian because it goes together are lying, some of them were once married and have been with men. Don’t let them confuse you and turn your head upside down o. If you like your men please enjoy your men o. Some men are scums but that isn’t enough to make you leave all men for fellow women. Women can be shitty too, everyone is shitty. So being a lesbian just because you want to escape male oppression and domination is like blocking your ears with blankets at the club house – the noise is going nowhere. And oh, you’d get oppressed in other ways.

These are the few points I am submitting for now. We will address the rest of what feminism isn’t in another post and you can contribute to the discussion too by stating what you think feminism isn’t in the comment box.

Have a wonderful week.


  1. Avatarmojoyinceejay

    God bless you my sister. The way some feminists would attack you, you will grow up hating other feminists(who may be nice) forever. I strongly agree with point number 4. Your head is there jare!


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