A great power lies in the tongue,this is why our parents caution us against the use of curse words. That is the reason why people pray and why some of us speak of places we want to be and the height we wish to reach.

Speaking things into existence is very powerful. Most of the times some of the things we say come to pass. 3 years ago I was on my roommate’s bed and we were doing a mock interview and I was asked where I would be in few years. I replied with all sorts of things, I could remember the statement was more like ‘I wanna be a blogger, a writer…..’ of course we all laughed at my struggle American accent but look at Kanzahsays today? Most of the times when I’m broke and I need to pay for a stuff or something. I don’t holler about and say I’m broke. I only say I will pay up soonest and when I’m told ‘but you are broke where will you get the money’ I will only say ‘no where but I will pay up soonest’ well I will eventually pay up because someway somehow I will get the money. It is part of the reasons why I speak positive into my life. I tell people better be glad you know me because years from now I will be hot. I tell people don’t ever lose my number because I will soon blow. I tell people you will see how great I will turn out. You just wait you will see.

However, I can speak and spake and spoketh till tomorrow but I may not be anywhere close to wherever I wish to be. Why? because I can either be moping around cursing the stagnancy in my life or sitting with my legs crossed pressing my phone without thinking of how to work towards my goal. It is my choice. I can as well work towards my dreams and desires. This is why people say talk is cheap. We can use our mouth to build mansions for ourselves, get a million naira job and become the next Wole Soyinka but it is all talks and nothing more than a cheap talk if we do nothing.

Talk is cheap was what Nnedi Okorafor tweeted at the lady that came out to say she would become one of the best writers out of Nigeria. The lady didn’t get the hint of what Nnedi meant and instead saw it as mockery, she then went on to ask if Nnedi doesn’t know of ‘speaking things into existence.’ The whole thing turned into a brouhaha that was absolutely unnecessary. Tweets like that in my opinion should be saved and screenshot should be taken before it gets deleted. The lady can then pour all the embarrassment, pain, anger and every other emotion she felt from Nnedi’s scathing remark into her work. That is what most writers do and the result is a beautiful work of art. She can then come out years after to make a reference laced without bitterness to the tweet, because by then she would have actually become one of the best or on the way to being the very best and bitterness would be nowhere to find when she’s achieving great things. But as Nnedi said Twitter is Twitter and everybody wanted to be savage and able to respond swiftly to perceived insults. And unfortunately she is right.

So speak things into existence today. Tell yourself;

  • I am a billionaire.
  • I am the next tech guru.
  • I will be one of the best writers to come out of Nigeria in few years.
  • I will be the next CBN governor.
  • I will become the president of Nigeria in few years.
  • I will travel to ‘the abroad’ on scholarship in few years.
  • I will marry the partner of my dreams.
  • I will be successful.

Speak it. Speak it everytime and anytime you remember but never forget to work towards it. Never forget talk is cheap and easy to mold into what we want. Get up today and speak/work into existence!

What will you like to speak into existence? The comment box is below.

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