It is Sunday! Beautiful morning even though it looks drizzly, seems it’s going to rain, the weather is perfect for a warm blanket and cup of Hot Lipton. So if you are in bed right now texting bae that this is weather for two, then you need deliverance!

Hmm hmm, now the gist, there is this news making Facebook go wild right now, okay maybe not Facebook but the circle of the two people involved in this mess, one of them is a blogger #coughsandsipshotTea, she spits all those thought provoking talks on Facebook and all, she is a die hard feminist #chokesonTea, she likes throwing jibes at men who are not men enough, you know all those useless boys with pretty faces who think they can come and play games with their mother’s age mates? Ehn ehn so back to the gist, the other person involved is one very comfortable, handsome, chubby Lawyer man who is based abroad (I ran to his Facebook page to confirm, he is fine!).

The main crux of this gist is sha that, the Lawyer man is accusing the aunty Blogger that she is one of those people that will want to get adopted by comfortable Lawyer man daddy like them, he said she was stylishly seducing him and even took nude pictures or sent nude pictures to him, he said he would never cheat on his wife with someone like her (if I hear) he said he only made sure she was well served when she came to his house and he gave her money and asked her to leave! #coughingseriously

I kuku trust the Blogos aunty, sorry Blogger Aunty, she responded and shared screenshots of some NSFW conversation, it turns out that it is the Lawyer man that actually wants to eat Onions #belches. The long and short of the matter is that, everybody is now bringing unwashed mouth into the matter, this is why social media is the devil, I repeat social media is the devil! This girl is doing her Blogos (this thing will boost traffic on her blog ehn) and you came to pour sand into her lemonade, I don’t know why men become really bitter when a woman turns them down… Hmm till then, lemme continue to sip my tea.

Which hot gists have you heard this week? If you like don’t comment and if you like don’t share! God is watching you in 7D!