Hey you! Yes you, why do you think you are not good enough? Hey you! Yes you why did you choose to be mum because you don’t want to sound unintelligent? Hey!!! Why do you stop yourself from smiling just because a devilish voice inside your head tells you your smile is ugly? So what if you have broken teeth?
Darling breath, just breath and read this.
Look around you where is the negativity coming from? Is it from friends? Popular culture or you, yes you can be responsible for your misery or happiness.
There are times I delete some posts because I think they are not good enough, there are times I just don’t bother typing down a post because I think I have nothing to say, I run out of words to use most times but I choose not to give up, I choose not to blame anyone or anything for my nearly empty vocabulary bank because I know where the problem comes from and yes I know the solution to it. What I do most times is go back to older posts and read them, I smile every time I do this and give myself an imaginary tap on the back. This boosts my confidence and I sit and relax for few minutes, I get ideas in the process and I write everything down and start working on them immediately.
I realized people often have doubts about their potentials when they see other people excel in what they think they are really good at, this mostly leads to stagnancy which curtail their productivity.
We shouldn’t feel low just because someone is gaining accolades in what we are still unknown for, neither should we tear at our hearts just because we think the other person is far better than us, we should rather look up to such people as inspiration, yes but before looking up to them, we clear our mind of self doubts, envy, sadness, we learn from them with an open mind, and we don’t copy and plagiarize what they do, we get inspired through them and before we know it, we are far more better than before. I stumbled upon via a bloggers connect forum, I went to check out her blog and I was WOWing, I sent her a message complimenting her and she replied thanking me for making her month, really! This is someone that had been blogging for 4 years! I visited her blog frequently after and don’t ask me what I have learnt so far. Hahaha
The key to believing in yourself is knowing you can’t be like them and they can’t be like you, it is either you are a photocopy of them or they are your clones, everyone is unique in their own way.
Don’t forget to
-Go find your passion, what do you really love doing?
-Hang out with loved ones, enjoy the company of those who celebrate you
-exercise and get the body you have always wanted.
-Take care of yourself, buy yourself gifts.
-Write down your achievements.
-Meditate on the beautiful things in your life.
-Start a noble cause and stand with it ( Activism, Kick against rape, Street urchins rescue, Volunteering at hospitals, Orphanages. etc).
-Write down what you want to accomplish, when you want to and work towards it.
-Reflect on events that had happened and how it has or would shape your life.
-Don’t stop doing what you love it makes you better.
-Feel free to express yourself even if you think it doesn’t make sense (Don’t sound like you are not sure of what you are saying, celebrities and some public speakers go away with speaking nonsenses most times, not because they are smarter but because they speak with so much confidence.
-Don’t give up.
-Procrastination is the devil, if it takes less than two minutes do it!
-Revisit the positive things that had happened to you.
– Learn something new every day.
And don’t forget to keep smiling. #xoxo



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I am not cute or built to suit a fashion model size, but when i start to tell them, they think am telling lies, i say, it is in the reach of my arms, the span of my hips. I am a woman phenomenally, phenomenal woman,that's me - Maya Angelou.


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