Let’s talk about what happened on the 29th of March 2017 *opens book to cross check*. On the 29th of March 2017, twitter went agog with the story of one Pablo Ayodeji (what a name) and the girl he took out on a date, he went on Twitter to rant about how the girl chopped his money when she knew she was gon say no to his proposal.

Guess what? He got butt screwed with his own rolling pin when the girl dug through his old tweets, found his account number where he was begging for tuition fee from one good Samaritan and sent him back his money with an extra cash, telling him to #keepthechangebruh

As expected it became a trend on Twitter and everyone began to dig in to the issue, memes got created, jokes got made, the dude got bullied (he should still be crying now), the girl got praised, everybody laughed, the story made it to blogs and I hope now we can all rest!.

But the jokes still continued anyway, it is annoying to see everyone is having fun out of the whole incident without seeing a major decay in our society in what transpired between the guy and the girl. That incident exposed this entitled to dating/screwing you feeling some guys have when they take girls out on a date or spend money on them, like really bruh? This is not a buy one get one jamboree, you can’t expect a girl to fall in love with you, date you or give you some minge just because you took her out on a date and spent what is not even up to, what was it again, 5000! If you are going to get pained to the bones when she didn’t give you what you were expecting, wait why would you even be expecting anything from her? Is she a commodity? Do you think you can buy her with some chicken and chips? Or you think the movie tickets is a gateway pass to what is down below? Heck to the nuh uh!


Many people overlooked some vital lessons that could be learnt from this annoying incident one of which is the Vex Money, the Vex Money is important and should be the number one thing that would be on a girl’s mind when she is about to go out on a date. Vex Money is the substantial amount of money you have on you that is used when your date decides to be a pwick and stands you up, when he forgets his ATM card as you got to the front of the cashier or when he has decided to be really stupid for no good reason. You just dust your shoulders when you run into one of this situations, flip your braids and vex the heck out, you hail any cab that comes your way at that moment and you won’t even bargain the price because your eyes no dey see road as you don vex reach.

It is also appalling to see how bad western influence has affected youths, some cannot make a complete statement without adding swear words like “Bitch, Nigga, Fuck”. These words are cool in the social media lingo of the average Nigerian youth and this is bad, the dude called the girl a #hungrybitch because she said No? por favor, repita a sí mismo. The boy thought he was making sense when he called her that without knowing what was coming for him, Bitch because she spent 3800 out of your pocket money, Lord knows how long he has been saving up for the date perhaps that was what got him really pained, Bitch because she agreed to go out with you, Bitch when she didn’t raise up her skirt to beg you to slip it in, Bitch because she thought you are someborry with small sense she can just manage to waste time with and then you carried your shameless self to Twitter to type mumbo jumbos using your teeny-weeny fingers with a testosterone charged brain to yarn dust about someborry’s daughter and ended up playing yourself! Oya clap for yourself Olodo!

Here is a memo to those guys who expect it when they spend their money on a girl, you don’t get shii if you are not worth it. So what if you bought her the latest gadget, so what if you spent your life savings on her, she said she ain’t interested and that is that. You drag up your ego that is falling to the ground like your sagging pants and move on, this is 2017 and girls are not stupid, they know their worth and what they want, you learn how to live with how things have evolved from that 19underthemountain period you were living in and oh #keepthatchangebrah!

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