For the past one week, the sex scandal involving religious leader Apostle Suleman has been blowing up the Internet. I can’t read my favourite blogs in peace without coming across juicy new details about the scandal.

To be honest, I was totally uninterested the first time I came across the story, a certain Miss Stephanie stepped out to accuse the Apostle of something related to breached promise and abortion, I didn’t even bother to go back to read more comments dropped by BVs of stelladimokokorkus’s blog which usually contain juicer details, I was that uninterested until the news kept popping up everyday, everywhere. That was when I decided to follow the story but I was still not budged, it felt like normal man and woman trouble to me I didn’t even blink an eye to the fact that I saw the word “apostle” written beside the name Suleiman, or the talk of he promised me marriage he failed blah blah blah” until Mrs Suleiman came outside to defend her husband and made indirect references to a setup and spiritual attacks, that was when I became interested!

First of all, I think some Nigerians need to be thrown out of the country before the country can move forward, the reason is that they pull back the country by fifty paces when the country takes one step forward, how do they do that? By blaming every probe, investigation about any prominent person in the society on witch-hunting and spiritual manipulations. Why would the Apostle’s wife make such an obnoxious statement when her silence would be better appreciated. Of course it is good to be a supportive wife but making claims that do not hold water is being mildly doltish in thinking, is it spiritual forces that possessed Miss Stephanie to make such allegations and revelations? It is funny when his church members and some Christians have come to the quick conclusion that the Apostle has been set up due to the way he condemned the uprising in Kaduna and urged his church members to kill any Fulani herdsman within his church premises. That could be understandable considering the time the lady in question came out with her allegations but the thing is, his wife and the church members would have blamed anyone or anything else even if Miss Stephanie stepped forward years before he condemned the violence in Kaduna and made that statement.

Secondly, the curses and videos made by his church members are totally uncalled for, it is high time Nigerians stopped with the God-like treatments they give to their religious leaders, this is an allegation, a serious allegation made against a person who is supposed to be an embodiment of Christian values, it leaves a smear on the man and his church if found to be true or untrue. However that doesn’t mean his church members should turn into voltrons firmly declaring their support for their Daddy over and over again, some went as far as saying even if there is a sex tape to prove it, they still won’t believe it. Excellent, which is why the bickering should stop and let the investigation take it course, much effort is not needed when proving something is true, is there?

Moreover, the lady kept coming up with different evidences, the Apostle on the other hand denied ever having a physical contact with her except through the phone, of course there might have been a phone conversation between the two who knows maybe the Apostle was counseling her then and she looks up to him for advice? After all there are people that call their Pastors when they are depressed. Jesus Christ let a prostitute wash his feet when the disciples frowned against her for her sins and she became saved.

Besides, wouldn’t it be better to let justice take it course with disregards to religious and ethnic sentiments, without sensitive remarks about how Muslims stand up for their religious leaders who commit more crimes than Christian leaders? Does it make sense to blindly support someone who is vile and decadent just because he or she is an important person in the society or a religious leader? It is ironic when the same people who want justice to be served no matter who is involved cry out when someone of their own is involved. I hope the madness affecting us all stops soon, I hope the truth comes out soon for the sake of everyone involved in the issue. I rest my case.


  1. AvatarT.piano

    When things don’t go totally wrong they won’t talk… Just disturbing the peace of the society


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